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I accidentally created multiple accounts and while I've deactivated the 2nd account, I can't get a background check completed now, I just receive a "server error" message, I tried completing it with a DL but never got confirmation.

I've tried reached out to support with no response, just finding a normal email for support is impossible, do any humans work for this company?


  • Matt
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    You can email them at [email protected]

    or call at: +1 (800) 948-2034

    Use the same number as you setup your account with.

  • Ha! I emailed support a efficient and well thought message explaining my issue and needs and I get back a canned response just directing me back to the support directory:


    Thanks for reaching out to our Service and Support team. We've attached an article(s) below that should be able to answer your questions."

    For now I'm going to stick with my original theory that humans don't work here, I'll try calling in tomorrow but emailing support was a big miss.

  • DustiO
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    @byronphoto sorry to hear you didn't get the answers you were looking for in that response. Were you able to try calling support? Phones are live M-F 9am-5pm MT if you want to try during that window. Let me know if you aren't able to get through during those hours. In the meantime, are you just trying to find out if your background check went through? And can you confirm that the account you logged into the Community with is the active account you want to move forward with?

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    Also, can you send me the email address for the other account? I'm going to see if I can help with this one...

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    @byronphoto Ok, I was able to do a little digging and you'll need to go to this link and just start over on the background check - be sure that you enter the email address that is connected to the current/correct account. Let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks!

  • that worked, thanks for your help, i wish it were easier to get this kind of support from the website.

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    Oh good! So glad you were able to get it done!