Direct Bookings

I do NOT like direct bookings. How can I turn that option off?? There are some jobs I am not interested in, especially when it has to do with my safety; therefore, I will not do some jobs, but if I receive a direct booking, Thumbtack charges me for it before I even have a chance to evaluate the job!


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,546

    Hi @markcthomassr! Currently you cannot turn Instant Book off. I would recommend a few things — 1. Be sure that your job preferences are set to the types of jobs you want to do, 2. If a customer books you and then requests a service that you do not offer (the types of services that you don't feel safe providing), submit that for a refund since the job does not match your preferences, 3. Edit the initial message that goes out to a customer when they book you to be sure that it reflects whatever your next steps are or what your limitations are for jobs so that they are clear and can cancel the booking if needed (below is a screenshot of where you can edit that message. The top option is what I am referring to, the alternate option would be to use your saved replies), and 4. Make sure your availability and calendar settings are up to date so that you are getting bookings for the times that you want them: