I’m a top pro and have been with Thumbtack since 2013. I’ve watched your prices go up and up. I just recently paid $26 for one makeup. I’m in Las Vegas and the average price for makeup application is $94. So I either have to eat this coast or I have to charge $120. Not everyone has that kind of budget and with more pros to choose from the likelihood of them finding someone cheaper is greater. I have more 5 star reviews than anyone in my category and have an excellent profile and response rate but at the end of the day clients are more interested in value than experience.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,546

    @Pinup22 this is great feedback. I would suggest 2 things:

    1. Please send this pricing feedback to [email protected], so it gets logged under your service/account. We are working on a suggestion box in the Community that will do that, but for now please send to that email address (suggestion box should be ready later this half)
    2. Check your Max Lead Prices and make sure you have those set where you want them (if you've already done this, just ignore me!)

    I know this isn't the most helpful answer, but I do want to make sure your feedback gets logged. Hope to see more of you here in the Community!

  • Matt
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    @DustiO I know we have said stuff about this before, but is there a way to get an automated response from support@thumbtack so it doesn’t feel like its going to a black hole?

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,546

    I am not sure, I will check with that team and see. Thanks for the feedback!