Hello! Checking in!

Danielle_Penn Community Leader Posts: 40

Hey everyone!

So excited we are all here to help and inspire. Just a quick check-in. How's everyone doing? Are businesses starting to get back to speed? I know in my area, things are starting to pick up, and with the help of people getting vaccinated, things are on the up and up. I would love to hear from all of you! Let me know how's it going on your end. 


  • BITBLeah
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    Hi! My clients were active during the pandemic wanting their new home offices organized! I limited my availability to one client per day to be sure I was always being safe between clients. With vaccinations and better weather, more clients are in moving mode, garage clean out and are generally interested in a refresh of their homes! I am able to start booking 2/day again - which has been great! Glad we are starting to see the other side!

  • Danielle_Penn
    Danielle_Penn Community Leader Posts: 40

    @BITBLeah Yay!! I love hearing this!

    I agree. I see more photography bookings, and the more people are getting vaccinated, the more life is coming back into the event world. People are actively booking weddings and events. I am so glad to see the quick turnaround of our country week by week. :)