June Contest: Preparing for Summer

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Is anyone else totally weirded out that it's already June?! It's got me thinking about Summer plans - like camping, hiking, and road trips!

But, as business owners Summer can bring challenges. Some of you are heading into your busiest season, while others are heading into slower times.

Whichever group you fall into, how do you prep for the Summer months?

Drop your advice in the comments for a chance to win this Thumbtack swag (who doesn't need a yeti cup to keep their Summer beverages cold?!)


  • Capprice
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    Summer months are some of our busiest so we prep by adding a few part timers to our payroll and getting them trained. When they aren’t out on a cleaning job we have them hanging door hangers in the neighborhoods we clean.

  • MichaelJ
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    Sunscreen and bug repellent added to the camera bag or backpack.

  • As a balloon twister, I keep my balloons on ice in a little cooler during hot summer days to reduce popping...

  • Pat2106_
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    You never know when you’re going to have to navigate a stone path or slippery conditions to perform a ceremony, make sure and carry a pair of sneakers!

  • I prepare for summer by allowing myself days to relax! This prevents me from burning out and still loving the work that I do. I can't serve my clients in the best way if I don't take days to take care of myself!

  • Drphlgd69
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    Wedding season is in FULL SWING, and its bananas for me right now.... thankfully. So I been telling clients since late last yr to start booking at least 6 months ahead and I'm glad they listened lol

    ...cause business is great! Thanks Thumbtack!

  • Her
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    It’s hot drink plenty of water out there and be safe!

  • OnTheRockies
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    The best advice I have for summer months: You can never have enough ice. Also add a battery powered camping fan to your kit!

  • Stay hydrated! Get some sunscreen that isn't expired (haha)! Work hard and also make sure to allocate some time for play! Enjoy the summer heat and make some awesome memories with friends and family.

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    you can never have too much swag!!!

  • My proofreading business is year-round so I'm fortunate in that I don't have to change up anything based on the seasons. However, my advice to everyone in the summer months is to check in on any elderly neighbors and friends that you may have to make sure that they are staying cool and hydrated!! Happy Summer!

  • Paulina12
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    Just opened my online resume/linkedIn profile writing business Oceanviewresumes.com LLC!

    So I'll be spending the summer working on my startup with Thumbtack and fine tuning everything.

    Got my cool drinks and fans in place for hot summery days. Backup of pens, highlighters, laptop and resources for who knows what will happen this Florida rainy season. Keep in contact with the Thumbtack community (bookmarked for fast access) to hang with the pros as a newbie!

  • Kleen87
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    I've spent 8 summers doing housekeeping here in the great PNW Seattle and let me tell you, adding a mask to the last 2 summers has been brutal. Before masks, my clients would give me a bottle of water, a fan and whatever else they had to offer to keep me cool and still working. Now I have Cooling Travel kit. It consist of a fan, a few big bottles of water(sits in a cooler of ice), a face rag that is rung out after sitting in cooler ice to keep my body temp from reaching exhaustion. A few healthy snacks and such. If I come across a fellow cleaner, I offer my extras to them that I most likely have.

  • Jefortunejr
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    Strategizing, Prioritizing and great execution will make a great bit of difference as you go in the busy season. Know what you can and CAN NOT DO. Never over commit and leave that greedy mentality off the table. There plenty of work to go around. Remain honest and fair and stay prayed up. By faith all your needs will be rewarded. So rest and never over extend your compacity beyond your control.

  • Lock_Bunny1
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    I prepare Lock Bunny, my locksmith company for the summer by keeping an umbrella, extra water, bug spray and sunscreen in the vehicle handy to share with clients. Since Im usually outdoors I stock up on electrolytes too!