Let's Discuss "REFUNDS" & REPLIES

I have 2 business profiles here on here and it's beginning to be nerve wrecking and pocket draining as I continue to remain on this site. I've NEVER received a refund/ credit to my bank account. When I first joined Thumbtack, I thought it was the best thing EVER! Now it seems as though people are getting paid to sit at home & contact pros on here. Over 90% of the leads NEVER respond back. I specifically state on my profile that I TRAVEL ONLY. Yet customers are messaging me asking for my location & to come to me. Really??Where are my refunds for this? Some are simply NOT reading! Never saw one, only discounts and credits towards more leads. I specifically state on my profile that I am located in Washington DC & that I charge a travel fee based on distance. Yet customers 2 hours away will message me but don't wanna pay the travel fee. 😕 Almost EVERY dispute I make results in a response stating "this lead doesn't qualify for a refund". Seriously, this is getting to be ridiculous. You're taking more money than I'm making. Alot of past successful leads would tell me that I was the only pro they initially contacted, but then Thumbtack would throw more professionals in front of them, suggesting that they message them as well. Why don't you all also tell the customer, CHOOSE WISELY, WE WILL CHARGE THEM ALL WHEN YOU SEND A MESSAGE? Or.... START CHARGING THE CUSTOMER! It's that plain and simple. You'll be surprised how many of them will start reading. Also I have over 200 photos of my endless beauty and barbering services. Yet clients will ask if I perform certain services when the photos are right there! Can they not see them? I've also received requests for services during times I've blocked my schedule. How in the world does this happen? Yet still, no refund! We have up to 30 days to put in a report or request a refund. Why are my messages getting stuck on the past 10 leads and won't allow me to scroll all the way down my messages? Weird, I have to exit all the way out, then go back in to dispute these leads that over 90% of go unanswered. This should be automatic! I've run into other pros at events who were hired as well but for different services, and it seems we all have the same issues. There's more, but I'll stop right here for now. Someone, anyone please respond. I'm almost ready to call it quits after over 2 years on here!