Paying for leads that never get a chance of even happening!!

Jade Posts: 2

This is getting ridiculous! I get leads and charged for them as I'm guessing we all do before we even talk to a customer based on our service. Well can someone answer me this cs thumbtack won't answer me . My question is how are we supposed to land a job when we have already been charged and the customer completely ignores us by either hanging up on us or nothing at all and then thumbtack refuses to refund me . Now how is f.... Is that even possible or right in anyone's eyes. That's just one of many things going downhill and I mean fast. Last month I could barely breathe I had so much work this month may 10 leads that I actually got 4 of the jobs and paid for the rest .call me crazy guys but I think we chose the wrong profession if we wanted quick easy no hassle take your money and run with no response or explanation of how,when,where why besides it meets there terms and policies and if you have ever read them every policy is the same and reads the same like stereo instructions.i don't get it