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I don't understand the concept behind thumbtack's policy. I have received negative reviews from customers we didn't provide services for, I have received a review from a customer who gave us a 1 star rating because we didn't "give him a discount" after doing an extra labor free job for him and just recently, I just received a review from a customer who felt she should give us a 1 star review because we didn't sympathise with her after she lost something which was clearly not our fault. 

If we request thumbtack to look into this, they would say it's not their policy to do that, which makes me really worry. We pay a lot of money to thumbtack weekly to get credible leads, the least they can do is look out for the pro's and not just take their money.

At least investigate on these negative reviews, when a pro ask's for it. 

Thumbtack is giving more power to the customers, making us the pros be at the mercy of the customer, even when they are out to extort us, we still have to beg them because  "thumbtack" would't simply investigate.

Other marketing platforms look out for both the customers and the pros. I can't really comprehend what thumbtack is all about anymore. 

It's pointless spending more money on marketing on thumbtack with ridiculous reviews from petty customers because all you will get is increased views but no meaningful leads and when you finally get a lead, you would have to explain the negative reviews you have had to the prospective customer. 

Attached are the reviews, I am referring to. None of them are we at fault and we have been communicating with thumbtack to delete this petty reviews but they wouldn't because it is against their policy. 

Customers are intimidating us with the " I will leave you a bad review on thumbtack" comment because they know this is the only marketing platform that does't care about the pros. 

Thumbtack, you really need to do something about these reviews and your policy. I am tired of spending money on pointless leads. 

I used to spend between $500 -$1,000 weekly on thumbtack, now I barely spend up to $250 because I am not seeing the results. Eventually, I will completely stop if nothing changes. 

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