Bad reviews: Not hired, no explanation, customers not responding

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I have two bad reviews on my profile. Neither of the customers hired me. They were left anonymously in 2017.  After reaching out to customer service, they were able to give me the name of the customers. I looked at our messages. I have looked at our messages and there was nothing to indicate that anything went wrong. I reached out to the customers to find out what happened. One of them saw my message and did not respond. The other hasn't seen my message yet. One left a one star review, the other a two star review. They are included in this post. These seem to call under the prohibited reviews section.

  • Reviews not directly related to a pro’s professionalism, interactions, or performance on a project started or completed.

  • Reviews that do not represent users’ actual, personal experience.

I only have 5 star reviews from all of my other clients. These two bad reviews take my average down from 5 stars to 4.7. That has to be affecting my business to a substantial degree as other pros in my area have 5 stars to 4.9 as an average.

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