Five ways you're in control of your rank

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Thumbtack Employee
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Your rank on Thumbtack is ultimately tied to one thing: the customer experience you provide.

Within that, there are five things we look at. They’re not secrets (and you may have even heard them before), but they help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. And as a result, they’ll help you rank better too.

  1. Let your reviews do the talking. What customers say in their reviews about your business builds your Thumbtack reputation. It’s how we know you provide that great customer experience we’re looking for. The more five-star reviews you have, the better for your rank.
  2. Add intro pricing for your service. A lot goes into your pricing, factors we know aren’t always easy to explain upfront. But remember this: customers want to see prices, even if they’re just a ballpark estimate (in fact that’s why we use the word estimate next to your prices). It’s just one part of offering a better customer experience, so pros who include prices rank better. If you don’t see the option to add pricing with your service (not all services have it), add basic pricing information on your profile.
  3. Take another look at your profile. You’ve definitely heard this before — but it’s important so we’re going to keep talking about it. Your profile is the best way to catch the customer’s eye in search results. So pros with engaging profiles have a better rank.
  4. Respond to customers quickly. No one likes to wait. So the more responsive you are to customers on Thumbtack, the better you’ll rank (and the happier your customers will be). Sometimes responding quickly is all it takes to win the job. In fact, we find that pros who respond within 30 minutes lower their overall cost of acquiring new customers by 50%.
  5. Promote your business. When you promote your business, you tell us which jobs you want in advance. So when those jobs come along, we already know you’re interested and will provide a great customer experience. The easiest way to get a rank boost comes from promoting your business (plus, the leads cost you less — a win-win).

Don't get discouraged, there are a lot of factors that go into rank. Some are out of your control (like the location of the job), but the most important factor in your rank is you.

Visit Thumbtack Help to learn more about search results and rank. And for even more help in these areas, download our printable guide with bonus tips.

Let us know how our tips have helped you provide a better experience (and consequently, your rank!). And feel free to leave your own tips and tricks in the comments.