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Hey friends -- Has anyone figured out the math behind how Thumbtack is charging their Pros?


For example, I have the two scenarios:

  1. Customer had a job price of $395 and reaches out to me only --> Results in $34.11 charge
  2. Customer (same customer) reaches out again in a dupe posting to 3 pros, including myself --> results in $31.52 charge


If the jobs are split between pros, why am I getting only a LESS THAN $3 discount for these leads?  I also wonder if Thumbtack incentivizes customers to reach out to more pros so they can get MORE money.  Ideally, the cost of the lead would be $34.11 if they reach out to one pro, or $34.11/number-of-pros-contacted; otherwise, Thumbtack is making $94.56 for a lead (assuming they charge all the pros the same), or 37% of the job bid, when it should only cost $34.11