Keep your profile updated to keep the right jobs coming

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Thumbtack Employee
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When customers search for a pro to hire, they want samples of work and experience. That’s one thing a strong profile does: gives customers a taste of what working with you will be like.

Your profile also does something else important. The information you put in your profile affects how customers find your business. That way, when a customer searches for a music teacher, they won’t see your general contracting business in the results.

So if your profile isn’t updated, you might not be showing up in the right search results. The good news is you can update your profile anytime to make sure your business shows up for the right customers.

Ready to make some updates? Read this first! Your business shows up in search results based on three main sections of your profile:

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For more of the jobs you always want, get even more specific than your profile. Learn how you can set preferences to target specific job types, travel areas and availability.

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