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So I got a direct match lead for my services and when I read the additional details for this job I "paid" for it describes that they are having a party at their home with 25 people and those in attendance will not be wearing masks and their home is not large enough for social distancing. and then asks "Are you ok with that" . . . .      So this is a direct lead match.  I paid for the lead.  Well - NO I am not ok with that.  And when I tried to get a refund for the paid lead I was denied.  I understand that these are challenging times but a little empathy would be appreciated.  A customer specifically describes their event but really - that's not a "target" preference for me right now.  If it was outdoors maybe - but really?  I already spoke up when Thumbtack sent out an email mid-pandemic stating that they were raising their prices - but sensitivity and empathy would be appreciated at this time.  Yes TT has probably lost money during this time - but so have we.  I went almost 4 months on TT without one lead and I'm a top pro that works a lot.  I just wanted to voice my disappointment with not getting a refund on this paid lead.  I know TT has guidelines for refunds however, there has to be some common sensibility during these challenging times.   Truly disappointed on this one.