Re: Introducing the TackMaster program.

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We working super hard to get the jobs, make it right and then get the good review. Your biggest mistake is letting potential customers to leave us bad review without even being on the estimate! Even competition pros leaving bad reviews to us just because is so easy. Such unfair! It should be like before: review only after hiring! Just because someone doesn't like the price or don't understand pricing or work specifics it shouldn't drop our hard  work rating down. Don't like the price - don't hire - simple. 


Negative reviews without being hired and no communication

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This is an outrageous situation.

I recently received a 1 star rating from someone who didn't hire me (she marked me as hired) and there has been absolutely no communication other than the initial follow up proposal.  Basically I got the canned messaage checking availability so I responded that I was and included more info of what my price included.  Nothing else!

Next thing I know she marked me as hired and posted a 1 star rating!  I then responded to her and asked why she posted this rating since she didn't hire me and I didn't do any work since her event is over 7 months away.  I got no response.

Then I contacted Thumbtack customer service who told me that customers can post a rating/review without hiring you or doing the work to reflect their experience with me.  As I said I had no interactions whatsoever with this customer other than to provide confirmation that I was available.  This is incredibly unfair to hard working pros like myself.  I am a Top Pro and this reflects badly on my record and just dropped my overall rating from 4.9 to 4.8.

I will have to post some type of response to the rating but it makes me look defensive and doesn't reflect well.  I also should not have to deal with this (I already spent a lot of time trying to get it sorted out with Customer service).

This is something which needs to be addressed and corrected.