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@Gilliamashley88 we don't want there to be any confusion on what you pay for when using Thumbtack. As a few pros mentioned above, you pay us to get connected with potential customers. From there, it's up to you to seal the deal! If you have any questions about charges in general, be sure to check out this article


Lead pricing system

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I've been with TT since 15' and just recently started becoming active within the Community, so bare with me if this idea has been proposed before.


If you're an TT Pro and you think this would work for you, then please give a reply or thumbs up.

What if TT charged all contractors $5 to contact or be contacted by a customer, and then the contractor that is hired pays an additional fee according to the value of the job?  


An customer needs a contractor for a small job "simple task".  If contractors are only paying $5 for the chance to make contact they would be more inclined to participate due to the favorable risk/reward chance of landing the job. The contractor that lands/wins the job would most likely be very happy to pay tha additional payment as they are the one being hired. Say for a small job the contractor pays an additional $10.

Yes, that's likely more $ payed by the contractor that landed the job within the current system, but I think the value of only bidding $5 on numerous leads per week/month and not getting hired would far outweigh the additional fee/payment by the "winning" contractor.

If only 7 contractors bid $5, and the hired contractor pays an additional $10, that would be $45 to TT for a small job. Is TT making more then $45 from contractors for a simple job lead??

If you see this and have a better idea, please let me know..

Just trying to participate in finding a solution that makes EVERYONE happy.