Repeat Customers and Direct Customers

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TL;DR Should I send direct and repeating customers outside of Thumbtack so to avoid it thinking they are Direct Leads?


I am new to Thumbtack, I understand leads and how Thumbtack works except for the payment part of things and especially if there are repeat customers or direct customers.

For me, it would be nice to keep track of transactions and jobs through Thumbtack. Does Thumbtack keep track of payments per customer?

If that's the case, then I would like to push people to my thumbtack profile for payments. But that's another question. If I share my direct link to someone and they choose me, do I pay for that as a direct lead? or is that a direct customer since I found them, not Thumbtack?

Also, if I got a Direct Lead from Thumbtack and got hired to do a job and got paid and everything, but then the customer wants to partner up for a few months with potentially 1,000s of projects. Do have them always use Thumbtack or would I get charged for a direct lead everytime?


Re: Repeat Customers and Direct Customers

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@yteditor at Thumbtack, you pay for leads - new customers who reach out to learn more about working with you. I recommend checking out this Help Center article, Paying for leads, for more info!

As far as payment for the job, that's strictly between the pro and customer. Thumbtack does not keep track of any payments between the two. 

If a customer has already contacted you on Thumbtack for a job, they can come back to your messages at any time and reach out. However, if they complete a new request and reach out to you again, you will be charged. If you share your Thumbtack profile link and a customer contacts you, you will be charged as they are ultimately using Thumbtack to reach out to you. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!