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Thumbtack Employee
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You run a tight ship. So you know how crucial it is to set a schedule and keep to it. And we know after a customer views your business hours — and sees when you’re available — you’re more likely to get hired.

Pros told us they wanted more options when setting their availability. Based on the feedback we heard, we added the ability for you to set your business hours for each day of the week.

Work the same hours each day? No problem. You can still set the same hours for the whole week. But if your availability changes day by day, we’ve got you covered.

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You can find detailed steps to set your business hours by day in Thumbtack Help. If you’re using the Thumbtack for Professionals app, make sure you have the latest version to set your business hours by day.

Before you go, we've got a few extra tips to help your days go according to plan.

The advantage of a flexible schedule

If you're promoting your business, you can set a more flexible schedule (and meet even more customers), by checking the box next to “I’m flexible — match me with more jobs.” We’ll send you more leads that are still a good fit, but are outside of your business hours.

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Use your calendar

Sometimes things come up — you’re on the job, going to meetings, setting appointments. If you find yourself unavailable for a few hours one day, you don’t need to change your business hours. Just use your Calendar to block off the times you’re not free. This is an important step to take so you’re not charged for jobs when you’re not available.

And that’s it! Let us know how setting business hours by day is working for you by leaving a comment below.