Thumbtack not listing local pros

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Hello Thumbtack community!

I have used Thumbtack as my primary way of connecting with new students for approximately 5 years now. I've gotten many leads from thumbtack and was very satisfied with it as a music teacher. I think now that music teachers are remote it has completely skewed the search results. I am listed as #14 in the search results when I used to be #1 or 2.  I don't recognize anyone in the search results and before COVID I recognized everyone in the search results. I live in a small area and know most of the musicians. I believe the people showing up in the results for my specific area are all from all over the US and not local to my area. I feel this is incredibly unfair and takes money away from small local businesses. If someone wants voice lessons in my town, even if they're remote lessons for now, I feel that only local businesses should show up. Has anyone else noticed this happening?? I tend to not ask for reviews so I don't have any "verified reviews", but how can I collect any when I haven't gotten any leads in literally months. This is a difficult time for everyone and it has made this time more difficult for me if I can't get any new students. I am considering quitting thumbtack all together and using something else. Does anyone have any suggestions?