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Type of services offered

Hey I was wondering if there was a way to detail the type of work involved in general renovation services. Is there a way to state the speciality trades involved within the company and/or extending the detail of what my company does? I... Read more
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Good morning,I believe a few months ago, I put my account on hold. Now I am ready to get back on track, but cannot find the way to do it. any help will be appreciated.thank you,
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How does Thumbtack determine the job location when a customer is searching for a Pro?

When customers do an initial search for a Pro, where does Thumbtack get the zip code? (No, they do not ask the customer.) I have tried it. Even when I clear the Zip code, and then open TT without logging in, I see my local Zip code. ... Read more
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Not coming up in a test search of my own zip code:

hello: I am not coming up in a test search, of my own zip code, in the first 30 Thumbtack Pros for picture hanging. It kind of feels like I have been singled out, and am being punished for speaking up.If I'm not getting leads, I can't ... Read more
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Are Third Party Leads OK?

I have a question that I, as well as TT support is confused on.... My question is whether third-party leads are ok and subject to promote auto fees being charged to the pro. An example would be a parent making a request for their adult... Read more
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Lead Phone Numbers

When I pay top dollar for a lead I expect to be able to contact the person, where is the contact info? Contacting the lead via your website does not work, I am paying for the lead, I want contact info!
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What does this mean “This customer found and contacted another pro first.”

Does it mean they contacted a pro and are asking for more pros or does thumbtack automatically put these in the jobs tab?Did the customer not like what the pro offered? Is it worth it to respond to those in the jobs tab?
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Down loading videos

I’m having trouble downloading videos. Can anyone help?
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Seeking more transparancy from Thumbtack. Payments, Messaging, Catorgory, Customer Validation needed

Does TT track the jobs submitted by customers to weed out those that are "fishing"? I ask this question because on multiple occasions I have responded to a "lead", only to never hear anything again. But then later I will see a new job ... Read more
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