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I am new on Thumbtack. So far not happy. I am just paying for the "Direct leads" and not even one order.  How came it is a direct lead if the customer ask me to Donate my service? All other leads: the budget of customer do not match my pricing. For example: They want me to cater a wedding for 100-150 people with alcohol for $15 per person and my minimum $40 without alcohol. It's very expensive lead and I have nothing out of it. Any suggestions?  


Re: Direct leads pricing

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Hello Bzchefathome:

You’re not alone, there are many of us in the same boat that aren’t happy about the quality of of leads. I stopped using autopilot matching since their algorithm isn’t specific enough to bring you the right leads.

I’ve been recommending Thumbtack to better filter leads for some time but sadly the platform hasn’t improved in this respect. I ended up investing thousands of dollars last year with little return. Also, prices keep rising and just learned yesterday opportunities were raised 33% without notice.

This year 2021 I’ve decided to move most of my marketing budget to Google Ads and is working fine for me. For example, my average Google lead is $5.50 in comparison to $149 on Thumbtack. My suggestion is you give it a shot and compare while saving a lot of marketing budget.

I think if many of us keep experiencing this more professionals will end up stopping using Thumbtack.