Policies that Desperately Need to Change!

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Over the years I've seen Thumbtack.com change many times. Sometimes for the worse, and sometimes for the better.  While there have been improvements, there is still a long way to go to make this service one that is fair, equitable and reasonable for the client, the contractor, and for Thumbtack as a business.   The policies that are put in place largely determine the success, usefulness, and equity of the service.  Recently I posted about a nightmare of an experience with the review policy.   It helped me realize that there are other contractors who have suffered under the same damaging policy.   I have called Thumbtack many times about some of the policies that I believe need to change, and there has been agonizingly slow movement towards improvement. Here's one that I believe should be changed immediately, would like to know how many agree: I believe that when I've paid for a lead, sometimes as much as $50, that I should have access immediately to the phone number of the client. When I brought this up to Thumbtack, they said they would not do that because it would scare off clients. To me, if a client is serious about getting a project done, the best and fastest way to connect is by phone.  Now I see lately that every so often a phone number will be revealed once we respond to the lead. That's good, but it needs to go farther than that. I believe I've paid for the right to contact that individual, especially since they showed an interest in me. That policy needs to change!! Another policy that should change: allow contractors to rate clients. How many disasters could be avoided if contractors were able to identify the crazies that are out there posting projects with unrealistic expectations, with impatient attitudes, with ridiculous asks.  I know of several of the clients I've had to deal with that should be banned forever!  The contractor base for Thumbtack has got to be massive at this point - and I can't be the only one voicing these same concerns. What policies do you want changed?  How do we get Thumbtack to finally listen to reason?