Requirement for reviews

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(Need for at least 1 review)
This is a new service for us and we have not yet had a customer for a wedding or Vow Renewal.
However, we have had performers use our venue.
How do we get Thumbtack visibility without having a customer experience?
Perhaps we need to offer an incentive? (like no charge for our 1st wedding)
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Requirement for reviews

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So what I would do is ask your performers to give a review for you on how great your venue is since they have used it already. All they have to say is what they liked about it. It may not be a review for a wedding, but at least it will incentivize your first customer to come if it's a place that performers like.

Don't forget they are recommending not to gather in large groups for weddings and such, so it may be more difficult to get clients while this pandemic is raging right now. Figure out how you can accommodate a socially distanced limited attendance wedding, then highlight that in your opening comments in the profile. Say something like "A way to complete your dream wedding without becoming a super spreader event. We offer a COVID safe alternative."

So if you would normally be able to accommodate 100 people, instead advertise you are open for COVID safe facilities where you will seat a small gathering of 20 to 30 people where all the chairs are staged 6ft apart when they are not from the same household, require masks by all the guests. Offer a COVID discount of 50% off for a limited time to encourage them to use the facility soon. Don't forget many couples have already postponed their wedding for 9 months because their guests can't or wont travel. So if you encourage them to do a small ceremony now at the 50% off, COVID safe event, for the next two or three couples that book, then agree to allow them to prebook the Post-COVID larger event where all their guests will be able to come for a reception and vow renewal at a 15% discount, then that may not only get you a few reviews, but get you set up with some future business. That may be enough to set you apart from other venues. Then after you host a couple and get reviews from them, you can up your pricing for new clients.

Hey, I should be a business consultant and charge for my advice because I think I have some good ideas, LOL. Maybe you can tip me in the future if my ideas work for you. ha ha