Too many competitors by lead

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In the past when I clicked in “view competition” it was normal to see 3, 4 or 5 competitors and it was nice. However, I’ve noticed that since two weeks ago the number on competitors by lead increased a lot. Sometimes I get a lead with 25 or more competitors. I understand that it makes the lead cheaper but on the other hand it makes very difficult to close a deal. I don’t know if it’s me only or we are all having the same problem.

Re: Too many competitors by lead

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Nope it's not you, I am experiencing the same thing and trying to understand how this is good for us. Most other lead sites limit the amount of pros that any one person can reach out to because it drives the market down for all and dilutes the value of that lead source because there are too many contractors competing for it. While competition is good a lead source should not do things that make the industry suffer.