Too many quotes to the same customer...

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Too many quotes to the same customer by multiple Pros

So yeah, apparently that's an issue. 

A few minutes ago I sent a quote to a customer. Based on what he was requesting I thought I was a perfect fit and since the posting said it was posted 2 minutes before and nobody had replied yet, well, I had the advantage to compete for the gig. Not. So. Fast...

As soon as I hit send I saw that red top banner notification I've seen countless times telling me that "the customer has received already 7 quotes". Okay, some people quote faster... But how is that an issue and why does the system prevent me from sending my pitch for the job?

Since when there's a limit to the number of quotes the system allows? <- that's a very serious question since I've complained about it before. This is especially annoying after all of those times when I had to compete with another 14 people for a really cheap gig request that the system charged me automatically and refused to send me a refund when the client didn't even have the courtesy of replying, but I digress.

  • Is there a policy about who can (and when) send a quote to a customer?
  • And who or what is in charge of deciding what it's too many quotes?

(I support having limits on this. Just because it's not fair having to compete with so many people for cheap jobs. Nobody wins.)

  • And why those requests always disappear from the screen right after this happens?

Does anybody knows of this or have experienced it?


Re: Too many quotes to the same customer...

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I too would like to know how many people can be contacted by one person and how in the world it is justified that (21 as I have seen) pros are contacted by one person and we all have to pay and give of our time even though we know the likelihood is beyond low that we will win that job no matter how quickly we responded. Thubtack got themselves better than $175 for that one lead off a bunch of contractors that at some point know it's not worth their time because so many are already there. There needs to be some kind of control on this platform to look out for the contractors that give them all their income in the first place.