What is going on with Thumbtack???

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This is my response to "Rate Thumbtack"

If Thumbtack would work with the PROS, have more reasonable pricing, and help the PROS during this difficult time. It took TT a month to put badges on the PROS profile to show we offer remote services.....but this is not an option for a customer in certain industries. If the PRO can provide remote services, why is this option NOT on the customers side??????? There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for pricing. I'm charged anywhere from 12-17 for the same type of job. So far this month, TT charged me $110 and I secured 3 leads, which is approx $36.79 per lead. I charge the customer $80, which is less than usual as I'm giving the customer a discount. Does this make sense?


Re: What is going on with Thumbtack???

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I've been complaining to Thumbtack for years about filtering their pricing for certain locations as well as clients are sooo quick to contact someone they fail to see that my location is in Manhattan and they want services in NJ. They seem to not understand we have to pay a 20$ toll + gas + thumbtack price (MIND YOU THUMBTACK WILL NOT STATE TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS THAT IT COST US MONEY TO SAY A SIMPLE HI) and it's unnerving to the client to tell them that I have to pay out of pocket it's no hidden fees and then you see a big face of "oops, I just contacted 8 people before you were the one, did they charge all of them too?' with my reply I do sigh with a "Yes". We pay all this money and Thumbtack does not even have our backs most of the time! One client replied "Oh I've found someone else" I asked Thumbtack for a refund they said "Oh they did not say 'no thank you, I found someone else". LIKE WHAT!!?? That's insane!!
If Thumbtack can cautiously remind clients that to fully read our profiles,what we offer and locations before contacting, please no contacting of 12 people at once, limit at least 3 potential cleaners, if the quoted price states 200$ please don't ask us to do it for 50$. Because the app takes more money out if the quote is significantly higher. Clients don't understand and we are the service workers and customer service reps of Thumbtack. Give me a discount without the hassle. How does Thumbtack sleep at night with this chaos for over 5 years straight? I've heard it was better back then too!