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Finding reasons to move potential clients from the con game companies such as GoDaddy and Wix play seems to be a huge task. The $29.00 website gives customers nothing other than a pretty little website. I’m at a loss as to what to say to potential clients. I’ve discussed the importance of content and SEO yet nothing sinks in. Any suggestions?


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How are you explaining these "con game" companies to the customer, by chance? Curious, as I have a Wix site that I was able to do quite a lot of customization to inside their advanced editor (not enabled by default). What problems does it have with SEO?

I work in video and this kinda sounds like the problem we have. People want the "thing" (video/a site) without understanding that it's basically worthless without marketing. It's difficult to explain that posting it on YT, Instagram, Facebook, etc. isn't "marketing" and that's where the real value comes in.

I'm a noob when it comes to SEO but have been focusing on improving my digital/online presence and marketing--curious what you have to say!