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Leads that choose to hire then never respond.

After getting a lead,  the client accepted my bid and said he would contact me.  He never followed through and Thumbtack took the money for that lead,  while nothing materialized into a job for me.   Has this happened to any of you?   Read more
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Sending quotes and rarely hear back / Examples of Winning Estimates?

I'm a photographer who often quotes jobs for headshots. I'm trying to better understand what a winning estimate looks like. Those of you who have been using Thumbtack for awhile, I would appreciate if you would share examples of estima... Read more
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Is the term 'competition' the most accurate description for other pros?

Hello all, When I look at who my competition is I feel bad that it says "competition". We all are here to find lead, gig, work, seek a job and competition is far from a good way to describe my fellow Thumbtackians. May it read "Clients... Read more
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Private Chef/Catering Pricing

Hey fellow chefs! I wanted to share with you some thoughts I'm having on pricing. I realize different cities/towns have a differenty supply and demand circumstances, but in major cities like Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Miami (I'm in San... Read more
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How u doin?

As Joey Tribiani would say, 'How u doin?' The comments I've seen from Thumbtack regarding their new system (i.e. Promote) suggest that it has been a success. My understanding of 'success' would be that Thumbtack is getting more visitor... Read more
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What makes TT a 'Good investment for your business'?

Hi @Kameron Setting aside the current problems and issues that I and other Pro's have with TT I would like to get a better understanding of what TT's goal is for me and its other Pro's. In a post on this thread you say... "However, we ... Read more
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