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Where to get a fresh list of decision makers from catering and event planning companies?

Hi. I am a marketing manager at event staffing agency. Our agency based in New York provides wait staff for hire and bartending services. My task is to increase the number of on-account clients. I think the best and the cheapest way is... Read more
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Is the term 'competition' the most accurate description for other pros?

Hello all, When I look at who my competition is I feel bad that it says "competition". We all are here to find lead, gig, work, seek a job and competition is far from a good way to describe my fellow Thumbtackians. May it read "Clients... Read more
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Private Chef/Catering Pricing

Hey fellow chefs! I wanted to share with you some thoughts I'm having on pricing. I realize different cities/towns have a differenty supply and demand circumstances, but in major cities like Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Miami (I'm in San... Read more
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Views per week on Thumbtack

Hello, I am wondering if any pros in the area of Nutritionist or Health and Wellness Coaching has seen a significant drop in the number of customers? I have been keeping track of number of Views per week, number of Profile Views and Ad... Read more
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