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Is the term 'competition' the most accurate description for other pros?

Hello all, When I look at who my competition is I feel bad that it says "competition". We all are here to find lead, gig, work, seek a job and competition is far from a good way to describe my fellow Thumbtackians. May it read "Clients... Read more
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Pro's Customer Info Retention - Growing My Thumbtack Business

Whats the best way to effectively retain my Thumbtack customer contact information in order to perpetuate the growth of my business? I'm a Thumbtack "piano technician" Pro, and my customer business repeats annually.  Everyone should tu... Read more
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Busy Season

For many industries, Spring and Summer are the busiest seasons - as a wedding cake professional, I feel this. I gear myself up for many 15-20 hour days, long weeks with no days off, months of madness really. I sometimes forget to sched... Read more
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Exciting Projects

Call out to any Salt Lake area cake pros on Thumbtack! Are you as swamped as I am right now, in the midst of wedding season madness?! I personally LOVE the trends toward naked or semi-naked cakes. These cakes I made recently are some o... Read more
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