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So my account was deactivated admitted 2 years for haveing my phone number(2 years) I was top professional 2017 and 2018. Had already achieved 2019 top professional. I did not receive top row status. However upon reinstate my account I put up $300 with the stipulation I was moving to Canton Tennessee and no leads be taken out of my account until then. I’ll look at my account lo and behold I have $50 left. They refunded 100 and so and I guess they say it’s even I did not respond to any leads or except any leads.
I made it very clear that I did not need any leads or contacts until Camden but wanted to get my account straight so when I got up there because thumbtack is a source that I use. I spend way more than $300 a month on leads so it was no problem.
I am well aware how the system works today I’ve been using the system for almost 4 years now. Thank you have a blessed day can someone help me out or leave me in the right direction.