5 ways to show customers you care.

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Building a loyal customer base takes work, but it’s work you’re more than qualified to do. Here are five easy (and inexpensive) ways to turn new contacts into lifelong customers.

1. Take a personal interest in your customer. Make an effort to remember your customer’s name and any conversations you had while on the job. If someone tells you that their son is starting a new job, ask how he likes it the next time you see them. Make an extra effort to be friendly — your customer will remember.

2. Respond to feedback — the good and the bad. Monitor all of the places online where your customers talk about your work: Thumbtack, review sites, social media, etc. If your customer says something nice, thank them. If they had a bad experience, apologize and find out what you can do to make things right. You want your customers to know you’re listening and that their opinion is important to you.

3. Recognize your customers on social media. Social media is free marketing for your business, so make sure you’re on the sites your customers use most. Give customers shout outs. Share a photo of a completed job with a note about how much you enjoyed working with them. Just remember to get their permission before posting photos or videos from a customer’s project.

★ Pro tip: “I say, send me all of your ideas, show me everything.”  Top Pro wedding coordinator Mary K. Mitchell says, “You have to pay attention to what customers say they want and be ready to do the outreach. All people want is to have someone hear them. I say, send me all of your ideas, send me your Pinterest page, show me everything. They talk to me and I understand what they want so I can bring it to life.” 

4. Go above and beyond what the job calls for. Cleaning up the sidewalk. Dusting the blinds. Offering free advice. These things make a huge impact on your customers’ experience. Whether it’s an extra 20 minutes of labor or a follow-up call, going the extra mile will make your business stand out in your customer’s mind.

5. Write a thank you note. (Really. It’s not cheesy.) We live in a world where most social interactions happen online. Sending your customer a real-world reminder of the work you’ve done together — handwritten on nice stationery — is an easy, low tech way of showing your customer you care.

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I couldn't agree more on the handwritten thank you notes. Have a stack with stamps on your desk at all times. We purchased some cool campfire mugs online that literally cost as much as a greeting card and stick a treat and note in it as a thank you, we actually get requests for mugs from people who saw their friend/family with it. Showing your appreciation through small thoughtful cards or gifts almost always ends up paying for itself!