8 gift ideas that make you look really thoughtful.

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One minute it’s Black Friday and the next, you’re scrambling to beat the holiday shipping cut off. What’s a busy business owner like yourself to do? To help, we put together a list of our most popular services given as gifts during the holiday season.

For people who would rather do anything else.

House cleaning

Help your friend get the place spotless before his nieces and nephews come by. Or after they leave. Those kids are maniacs.

Heater repair

Your parents’ central heat broke last winter. They said they’d get around to fixing it before you visit. You know better.


For people who are really into Instagram.

Pet photography

Because your cousin’s labradoodle would look soo cute in a Santa outfit. He has over 30,000 followers, so, pressure’s on.

Headshot photography

A useful gift for fellow entrepreneurs in the family (or yourself!). Professional photos to help their business profiles stand out.


For people who’d rather spend time with their guests.

Personal chef

Going out on New Years is pricey. Surprise your friend with a personal chef to cook dinner at home instead. Then crash the party, of course.  


And speaking of parties, you could hire a Thumbtack bartender for your host. Her guests can’t get drunk on holiday spirit alone.


For people who actually like working out.

Personal training sessions

Help your spin-obsessed sister expand her workout horizons with some customized cross-training routines.

Massage therapy

For literally anyone. Except maybe your grandpa. He doesn’t like to be touched.