Put your best foot forward with your photos

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Hi Pros! I'm Oliver, I work on the Category Management team at Thumbtack and I'm writing my first ever Community post to encourage you to think about your photos.

Your photos tell a story. When they tell that story well, they draw in customers. And that means business! 

All you really need to take beautiful photos is a camera (most phones take great pictures) and a plan. Here are some tips for taking your own photos that pack a visual punch:

  • Use natural light. No need for a fancy setup. A window will light up your subject and make your photos bright and inviting. 
  • Think about your backdrop. Consider using a plain, unpatterned wall as the backdrop whenever you can (so your customers aren’t distracted by the floral wallpaper in the background).
  • Keep it steady. Blurry photos give a bad impression. Consider using a tripod or something heavy to prop up your camera.
  • Clear out the clutter. You want customers to see the beautiful cabinets you just installed. If there are still tools on the counter and wood scraps on the floor, move them out of the photo. A mess will dull the shine of your handy work. 

If you’re not comfortable taking photos (or if you’d rather leave it to the experts) your fellow Thumbtack pros have you covered. Hire a professional photographer and have them do the heavy lifting.



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@OliverP What does a Category Manager do?