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Marketers. They carry a powerful toolkit that few modern companies could do without. We caught up with some of Thumbtack’s smartest Top Pro marketers for tips on winning over customers.

Build your profile with your dream customers in mind.

The key to successful marketing is deciding exactly the kinds of customers you want —  who they are, where they live, what their interests are. That way, you can build your website, Thumbtack profile, social media accounts and advertising so it catches their eye.

A mistake many small businesses make is trying to appeal to everyone, so as not to alienate anyone. But as top marketers know, time (and money) is best spent on customers most suited to your service. Which means setting job preferences that target exactly the kinds of people you want to work with.

Personal Trainer and former marketing director Regan-Janell Hales explains, “When I first started, I was really loose with my preferences. It took time to learn about the kind of clients that I really wanted.” These days, Regan has found her sweet spot. “Most of my clients now are middle-aged women, and they’re the most constant and loyal of the people that I train. They’re also a lot of fun to work with,” she says.

Know what you’re up against.

Get to know your competition, explains Dave Cavanaugh, a tech-insider turned wedding officiant on Thumbtack. For him, that means having insights about other wedding officiants getting contacted for jobs in the Spokane area. Dave advises, “[I want to know] who is the number one person and who is number three? Who is serving Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington?”

If you, like Dave, are new to a profession (or a veteran pro in a new area), knowing how businesses around you are succeeding helps you figure out how you can compete. When it comes to knowing where he’s situated in the pack, Dave turns to Thumbtack. “Pay attention to the Pro Insights. They can tell you a lot about how your business is doing, and what you can change to get better.”

Invest your time wisely.

Joel Stein spent years in the world of marketing before starting his own events entertainment business. Today, he’s making six-figures doing what he loves at parties across the tri-state area.

When it came to getting started on Thumbtack, Joel didn’t waste a minute and he suggests other pros follow his lead. “Put time into figuring out your pricing and crafting your messaging upfront,” he urges. And he’s right: getting your first hire on Thumbtack is a big deal, but getting there is significantly harder for pros without reviews or a completed profile.

“The little bit of time it takes to set everything up in the beginning will save you exponentially later on,” says Joel. “I’m using that time to focus on growth and hiring — setting myself up for success six, nine months down the road.”

Follow-up or miss out.

People are busy. Period. And sometimes, they need reminders to jog their memory about stuff they were supposed to do. Such is life. And such is life for your customers.

So when it comes to courting new clients on Thumbtack, always be sure to check in. Dog trainer and former marketer Kari Kerr, has made follow-up a part of her weekly routine. Kari uses a ‘tick work file’ to keep track of potential customers. “I go through the file every month to remind myself to follow up with that person four to six weeks after. People’s situations change. You would be amazed how many respond over a month later and hire me,” says Kari.   

Don’t give up if things gets slow.

Top Pros and marketers agree: starting a new business takes time, patience, and bravery — so hold on and dig in. Use any extra time you might have to learn more about your services and the people you’re selling them to.  

Steve Conley, a former direct marketing specialist explains of his tennis business, “Sometimes things will be slow. Don’t get discouraged.” Steve suggests using offtime to your advantage. “It’s a time to think about my best strategy on Thumbtack,” he says. Bottom line: don’t get discouraged. Rome wasn’t built in a day — and neither was your Thumbtack business.

How do you market yourself to customers? Tell us in the comments.


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I'm a Professional Organizer and when I market myself and my business I focus on properly communicating who I really am and what I can do. I am not afraid to be myself on my Thumbtack profile and I try to show my personality as much as I can. It's so important that I properly portray myself and my company because I work side-by-side with my clients in their homes by de-clutter and organizing and it is an EXTREMELY personal and intimate process. My clients want to feel comfortable with the person they are inviting in their homes and it's always my hope that they see my passion and view me as genuine before they even hire me.