Start a Marketing Plan That Works

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My interview with Kevin Flora.

For some of you consumed by Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos, content is king and you can either be a consumer or a creator. The concept of getting in front of the camera may be daunting for many, but the truth is it is essential in getting your business branded. Companies like The Holler Creative, they have managed to take the burden of creating content to twenty of their expert team members. This has led to pivoting and changing throughout the trajectory of The Holler Creative.

So, what is digital marketing? It is the selling or promotion of products or services by leveraging online marketing techniques that are awe-inspiring. This content is often used in social media, blogs, and email marketing. Why would anyone want to create content for their business? Kevin explains that it is important to create content to set yourself apart from everyone else. As your business evolves so does your technique, but one thing remains consistent. You want to grow, scale and expand your team.

Growing Your Business
Scaling Your Business
Expanding Your Team

Although there are many ways to grow your business, building a funnel, customer management, and team building remains the more important concepts for growth. As we reach areas in business that challenge us, we must learn to adapt and pivot accordingly.

Scaling your business should be a part of every entrepreneur’s end game. Visualize the start of a business and what it should be is consistent with some of the top business builders in the world. Many people see the idea and work their way backward. When you know your destination, you can plan a scaleable strategy.

Building a remote team through freelancers takes the burden off you doing everything yourself and allows you more time to directing the company. Make sure that you know what the freelancer will be doing. You can utilize sites like upwork.com or indeed.com. These are essential resources for finding quality people who want to help. As an entrepreneur building a team of freelancers, it is important to maintain communication, keep the jobs relevant to what they do and figure out how many freelancers you need for the job or projects