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Start a Marketing Plan That Works

My interview with Kevin Flora.For some of you consumed by Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos, content is king and you can either be a consumer or a creator. The concept of getting in front of the camera may be daunting for many, b... Read more
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health insurance

open  enrollment around the  corner .   I  know   a lot of   people  believe health  insurance is   a  rip  off .   I am   a  licensed  agent  in   texas.  The   company  i  work  for  is  different  kind .    Even   before  i  became ... Read more
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Insurance liability ...

Are there any bartender pros that can lead me in the right direction for general liability insurance. What company?
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How you can successfully implement change within your organization.

How change can be successfully implemented within an organization. The steps established by John Kotter to help improve change efforts and avoid pitfalls that often lead to failure. In my organization, we often talk about how change is... Read more
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