Our Children Love Technology!

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I am an Educational Tutor in Naples, Fl.  I substitute teach grades K - 12 at a private prep school as well as The Collier County Public School System.  This engages me in great learning and teaching.  

During this time in the life of our world, we find ourselves still needing to be concerned about our children continuing to learn.  I am fortunate that for a period of time I have been tutoring both in person as well as tele-tutoring through the internet.  I use programs that fit the home of the students I work with, such as Skype, Facetime and many new ones that are becoming consistent with teaching are Zoom and Google Classroom.  

I have many programs in place from many years of teaching as well as many internet sites to gain knowledge and also that the students enjoy working through.  Your students will most likely be working with a computer program within their school system.  I am here to help them.  It does not matter where you live we just connect via internet.  

I am Wilson Reading Certified which also covers Dxylexia.  I have many years of experience with ELL  (English Language Learners) and readers both to teach and also to enhance their learning.  

I look forward to hearing from you as to how I can help you and your students.