Building a Videography Business

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Starting a business is challenging enough but starting a videography business requires some key components to building a business. First, we need to start a portfolio. Have a name, website and if you don’t have any equipment. Find a company that will rent it to you. If you have the equipment, just use what you have and work from there. Have some lighting and utilize your resources.


Building a portfolio

Video has become a central part of many areas of the digital world. Professional quality videography has become ubiquitous in social media, advertising and business. Building a portfolio is essential in standing out from the crowd. How do you build your portfolio? Practice, practice, practice! Initially keeping your videos short and to the point so that you can showcase your best work. Customize your portfolio to utilize categories and essential areas of your niche market. Get creative and put together a myriad of clips that might showcase all of a category in one clip.

Create a Business Name

Looking for a name can be easy for some, but one thing to consider is when you are naming your business is trying to add the business name that many people on the internet are searching for. A good keyword in your domain will get you a lot of free exposure and may save you money when you begin to optimize your website.

Building your Website

When building your website make sure that you utilize keywords that are relevant to your business. Creating content online is not just for video. You want to make sure that you are telling a story in the verbiage that you use on your website. Make sure that all the content on your website is relevant information and it coincides with your phraseology.

Rental Equipment

Many people starting out don’t have the means to purchase an expensive video camera. If you are using a DSLR or some form of camera equipment, you will have limits to what you can produce but doable. Consider renting equipment from your local camera shop to get higher-paying jobs.

Utilize your Resources

Essentially you can work with what you have. If you have something that will create videos, then you are ahead of the game. Use your phone, internet and camera equipment to get those essential sales. Practice your craft and use the camera equipment that you have available to create content.

Type of Equipment used:
Red Camera
Sony FS7 
Canon EOS C200

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