Community moderation transparency

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Moderation is an important aspect of ensuring the community runs smoothly. We understand that you may not agree with all of our decisions, but we are committed to being fair and transparent when we do need to take action.

Editing posts

We will now be noting directly on the bottom of posts when a change has been made. An intentional effort is made to only edit a post when absolutely necessary or when it serves to benefit the Pro Community as a whole, but we never change the message of a post. Here's what you can expect moving forward.

If the subject of a post isn’t clear, it becomes difficult for others to find. If we change the title of the post for searchability reasons, you will now see: 

*title edited by moderator on [date] for clarity*

If the majority of a post is within our guidelines, but part of it violates our Code of Conduct you will now see: 

*post edited by moderator on [date] for code of conduct violation*

If there’s a new post that fits into an existing conversation, we will consolidate into a single thread. In this case, you will see:

*post merged to existing conversation by moderator on [date]*

Removing posts

When a post violates our Code of Conduct we have no choice but to remove it from the community. This policy remains unchanged.

Holistic Thumbtack support

We love helping pros. But moderators can’t offer 24/7 support, which means if you’re in need of immediate assistance, calling our support team (1-800-948-2034) or Thumbtack Help is a better option for a quick resolution. 

For questions regarding Thumbtack specific information (how Thumbtack works) or troubleshooting issues, our first response will be to point you in the direction of where you can get help quickly. This may be the Help Center, Pro Resources, or the FAQ page (coming soon).

We are always happy to offer pointers and clarifications to help you out but we also want to be clear in terms of our support moving forward.