Navigating the new Pro Community

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Community Manager
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We want to make sure you’re comfortable with the new layout of the Pro community and know where to go for the right topics and conversations. Here are the new forums we want to highlight and also where you can find them:

  • Learn:
    • Targeting - From setting preferences to qualifying for Price Assurance.
    • Thumbtack updates - All the latest news and product changes.
    • Thumbtack FAQs - The questions we see most (and their answers).
    • Resource of the week - Weekly learning topics from the Help Center.
    • Advanced Thumbtack - Still can’t find answers? Explore these discussions.
    • Community news - Stay up to date with the latest community happenings.
    • Community basics - Access our code of conduct, navigating the community, and more.

  • Plan:
    • Ask another pro - Hear directly from other pros - or answer questions yourself.
    • Community library - Share helpful books, podcasts, toolkits and more.
    • Working with customers - Customer service tips and resources.
    • Business resiliency - Resources for adapting in uncertain times.
    • Business administration - Share strategies for tech, time management and more.
    • Community contests - Opportunities to win prizes and more.

  • Connect:
    • Home pros: Sole proprietors - For those who do it on their own.
    • Home pros: Multiple employees - For those who’ve got a team.
    • Atlanta pros - Local pros, from Alpharetta to Fayetteville and beyond.
    • Dallas-Fort Worth pros - Local pros, from Frisco to DeSoto and beyond.
    • Houston pros - Local pros, from Sugar Land to Woodlands and beyond.
    • Miami pros - Local pros, from Kendall to South Beach and beyond.
    • San Francisco pros - Local pros, from the Marina to the Outer Mission and beyond.
    • Phoenix pros - Local pros, from Central City to Sun City and beyond.
    • Boston pros - Local pros, from Beacon Hill to Mattapan and beyond.
    • Denver pros - Local pros, from Five Points to University and beyond.
    • Seattle pros - Local pros, from North Admiral to Adams and beyond.
    • Washington DC pros - Local pros, from Adams Morgan to Capitol Hill and beyond.
    • Networking and collaborate - Team up with a pro in your area.
    • Pro Stories - Share your personal experience and get inspiration, too.
    • Identity-based resources - Bring your whole self to these networking groups.

  • Share Ideas:
    • Trending ideas - Your most popular ideas are highlighted here.
    • Open ideas - Active brainstorms happening inside.
    • Closed ideas - These posts are closed, but feel free to read them.
    • How sharing ideas works
      • Idea submission guide
      • Share ideas explained
      • How feedback works at Thumbtack

Please let us know if we can clear up any navigation issues you’re experiencing.