Welcome to the Thumbtack Pro Community!

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The Community is where the partnership between Thumbtack and pros comes to life, networking opportunities occur, and potential is unlocked on Thumbtack and beyond. 

Let’s get down to business. The Community is great for a variety of purposes, and we want to be clear about what you can expect: 

Education is the foundation of the Pro Community and we want to encourage all pros to ask and answer questions. For support-related needs, moderators will typically point you in the right direction to get assistance rather than directly resolving issues. We will always help when we can but we rely on the Help Center and Support teams to solve issues.

Our product changes dynamically, so we are happy to talk about Thumbtack’s current features. But, each Community interaction is only a snapshot in time and may no longer be accurate afterward. For definitive advice at a later date, head over to the Help Center

There are thousands of pros in the Community who, like you, are experts in many areas and the best way for us to reach our potential on Thumbtack and beyond is to share with each other what has made you successful. It’s just good business. 

In partnership,

The Pro Community Team

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Glad to be a part of the Thumbtack Pro Community!