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Re: A message from Marco

^ I agree completely!
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Re: A message from Marco

@Deborah306, Thumbtacks send a request to 10 Pros and charge us triple the costs. That's why we don't get much hired because of too many competitions. Also the hired button is gone.
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Re: A message from Marco

I have used Thumbtack and had a great success when I was able to see the budget or range client want to spend. I paid off my entire investment in just 2 and a half months. ($10,000 investment) That was a great success for me. The Moment Thumbtack decided to hide the budget, it turns into a shoot in a dark game. I booked one event compare to 20 or so ( I don't even know the exact number anymore as I stopped using Thumbtack altogether).  By not sending quotes I actually saved money. 

I don't think the new changes are any better for service providers, it's a great winning game for Thumbtack. The initial concept was a winner in my opinion and that's why a lot of people stopped sending quotes now as the ROI is practically a loss. 

I wish you all the best but I won't be wasting my money, I would only return if the initial concept is back where I can see what budget client is looking to spend. 

Re: A message from Marco

Things were GREAT for like a few months when you changed the quote system to charge when they contact you. Once it went to auto-quote it went right down the drain.

I decided to give up after spending nearly $130 in one week on a bunch of non-leads for wedding photography. $25-40 a pop, to get a "quick-reply" saying "sounds good" or "when can I call you" only to ignore me from then on out. That is not an opportunity. It's not a lead if there's no contact info, no phone number, no way to reach the potential client (who, let's get real here, probably had zero intention of hiring anyone and was just checking prices).

I sent in a detailed message explaining why I should be refunded the bulk of those quotes and my request was not entertained. 

I will not spend another cent on this service as it is right now. I still believe I should be refunded. 

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Re: A message from Marco

@BNG1, every-one is hear you. Thank you for speaking out!
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Re: A message from Marco

Marco, I'm relatively new to TT so don't have the history but wanted to share some observations. I really like the idea of paying for leads/responses but any good pricing system needs to be based on value and shared risk, specifically: 

1) Project size - consumers regularly miscategorize projects, so I've paid $10/handyman lead for a $7000 room remodel and $75/room remodel lead for what turned out to be $90 handyman project. I'd like to see some kind of reconcilation and/or arbitration that spreads the risk equally between TT and us Pros. For now, I've stopped bidding on the higher-priced categories which isn't good for anyone. 

2) Consumer readiness - I will gladly pay more money for a more qualified customer but the one-size-fits-all today doesn't work. Someone who makes one reply to all Pros has a different value than someone who engages in multiple bids/questions than someone who actually hires. I'd like to see some kind of sliding scale based on how customer interacts with the Pros.

3) Customer integrity - I will gladly pay more money for a customer with a good track record but we have no visibility into who's asking for quotes (with some, not me, going as far as to say they get fake quotes). If it's a first-time TT customer, we should all want them to have a good experience, so maybe not even charge at all. The idea that any lead could eventually turn into a bigger project is equally true and not true, yet we Pros have all the risk. I'd like to see customer reviews, like Uber and Yelp, and would gladly pay more to quote customer with a high rating. 

Frankly, right now it feels like pricing is based on a set of well-meaninged but arbirtrary assumptions and not value to your customers (which are the Pros). 

Thanks for listening, looking forward to actions. 


Re: A message from Marco

I agree I have been using thumbtack since back in the credit buying days when the app really first started. I am recieving business but not from instant quote because I turned that off it wasn’t as personable as I wanted and in my field that’s what keeps my customers coming back. What I also hate and I mean HATE is when the customer contacts me just to tell me they aren’t interested or that they live too far away... ugh thanks you’re decision to shop elsewhere just cost me $20. And I agree with everyone the prices you charge us don’t make any sense one person is a few dollars meanwhile 2 people contact me that month and I am paying $45. I feel like there needs to be a LOYALTY PROGRAM for those of us who have been using thumbtack longer. I mentioned this with customer service in the past (which may I add was wonderful service) and even though I feel like my idea was passed on by someone who made me feel heard unfortunately her hard efforts were wasted on deaf ears. Thumbtack you have something great here don’t mess it up by listening to the wrong people or not listening at all ... listen to your pros or even your top pros like myself. We are the ones paying you so our voices should be more important. Focus on us first the others second! We need action now! We need improvements quick! We need to know you care about our businesses.... or else I fear thumbtack’s business will suffer just as the business of the pros you toss aside.

Re: A message from Marco

I hope 4 pages of disgruntled "Pros / YOUR customers" warrants some kind of response from a C-level at TT. Clearly, you have a problem and it hasn't been just me over the last 6 months. I'm disgruntled because of the canned answers I get when I complain about changes from staff. I'm disgruntled because it seems TT ignores the very people that help build the business. I'm disgruntled because I remember what TT used to be and how it seemed everyone was profiting from an app that filled a void for small business owners. Your Pro's still care because you can hear the passion in these responses.  It's not too late to allow TT to work for everyone's benefit again.  A lack of meaningful response just means nobody on your executive level cares. How does that mentality play well with Corporate Vision?

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Re: A message from Marco


I wanted to weigh in as the head of our pro community efforts and ask you: short of changing Thumbtack back to the way it was, what would it take to prove to you that we care and that we are listening? 

While you may not have liked it, what you heard from Meckell wasn't a canned response; it's entirely the truth.  We implemented Instant Match because we heard from pros and customers alike that it's what they wanted (customers want results instantly, pros don't want to be glued to their phones sending custom quotes).  We have folks here in our office who are talking to pros all day, every day to understand how we can improve Thumbtack and make it work for you.  We don't make changes  in a vacuum.

Of course, that's not to say that everything's perfect.  Far from it.  There's still a lot of work to do.  The biggest thing right now is making sure we're charging pros the right price and a fair price for the customers who contact you and the leads that Thumbtack gives you. We have to move quickly on this, because there are certainly pros who are frustrated and who are not seeing a clear ROI.  

But my question still stands: beyond reverting back to the old Thumbtack, what does a meaningful response look like to you? What do you need to trust the changes and where we're heading?

Looking forward to your response.  And a sincere thank you, again, for sharing your feedback and engaging.  We wouldn't have build this Community if we didn't want to hear from pros like you.  With over 70 hires on Thumbtack, you've been incredibly successful on this platform.  We want to help you keep that up. 


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Re: A message from Marco

I am just posting to display my level of anger with the fact that customer budgets will be removed from requets. How is getting less info from customers going to help us quote accurately? This is another failure by TT. Sad.
It’s like a slap in the face. I’m a caterer. How do I quote without knowing a budget? They won’t let me post ‘need more info’ anymore.