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Hello Pros,
As a part of the upcoming updates to the Pro Community, we are excited to introduce a new section we’ll be calling Share Ideas.

Feedback in the Community has previously been scattered but now we’ll have a dedicated space for you to share your ideas and suggestions for Thumbtack in a clear way. Pros will be able to upvote ideas that they support. Our intention is to bring organization and clarity to feedback in the Community going forward.

All submitted ideas will be logged into our feedback system (as they always have) and the new section will also allow us to keep you updated on ideas that get the most votes and comments. We want to emphasize that just because an idea is popular does not mean that it will lead to direct changes.

In order to make this new space a reality, we’ll need to start with a blank slate, which means that any previous ideation posts will be archived. We know this may be controversial and we want to assure you that all suggestions and feedback have been, and will continue to be, properly documented and processed into our feedback system. This process is currently underway.

In the new Share Ideas space we will ask pros to submit ideas according to a set of guidelines. One of the many reasons we are starting with a blank slate is to ensure that all ideas meet those standards.

We’ll have more details about how Share Ideas will work closer to launch. For now expect these changes to take place before the end of March.