Congratulations to our January 2020 Class of Top Pros

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We’re excited to announce the Top Pro Class of January 2020, and to celebrate this important accomplishment as a community!

Top Pros, please introduce yourself by replying to this thread with the name of your business, where you're based, and your #1 tip for becoming a Top Pro, so that other pros can learn from your success. 

Whether it's your first time in the Pro Community or if you've been here for awhile, we want to let you know that we've got big plans for 2020: 

We’re hosting VIP dinners in select cities to bring together Top Pros, key members of local communities, and Thumbtack leadership. Keep an eye out for an email invite to see if we’re coming to a city near you.

We’re also revamping our online community to build more opportunities for pro-to-pro learning and connection, so be sure to check back in for updates as we get closer to March.

Congratulations again and welcome to the Thumbtack Pro Community!

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@Bpinker01 looking at your profile I can see that you've achieved Top Pro for this round and that the badge was automatically added. To use it elsewhere you'll just need to follow the steps below. Congratulations again!

  • Log in and go to your widgets page.    
  • Under the example of the Pro Badge, click Get Widget
  • Customize the badge by choosing a size (mini, small, medium or large) and color theme (light or dark). 
  • Click the Copy button (the HTML code will be copied to your clipboard).
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Thank you! You guys are great!
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I would like to take the time to thank the Academy and my fellow act...... Oh sorry wrong speeech!! Thanks for the recognition and I try best to better myself and my business on a daily basis.. Congratulations to all those who made as well!! Here's to 2020!!
Gary Spaulding Contracting Services
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Mel's Wedding & Florals
Birmingham. Al. 35205
I am a wedding officiant and make florals. Being prompt, courteous, and eager to please has helped me get to where i am today.
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Hi there! I just started using TT during the summer last year for my new business, Vivian Maxine Photography (est. April 2019). This is my first time being a Top Pro on TT, and I'm very grateful! There have been rough patches starting out (anything marketing-related has been new territory for me), but I am thankful for the opportunities I have gotten through TT. My big piece of advice for pros is to underpromise and overdeliver. I love surprising my clients with more than they thought they would get, and they are also happier as a result! Another piece of advice is to really figure out your ideal client and hone in on how to best reach them using TT's tools and your own know-how; this helps with reducing lead waste, if you know what I mean.

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We are elated to be nominated a second year in a row !
My name is Chaz Diggs , owner of Diggs Haul Inc.
Central Florida’s #1 Flat Rate Mover
Customer Service & Integrity sets the foundation to our business model. We are honest and take pride in our work. That’s what keeps our clients coming back!
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Congrats everyone! Derek's handyman service here! #1 Tip is be quick to respond and pleasant to engage!
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Hi, I’m Vince owner of GoldHeart Studios in New York City. My first tip would be to try and respond to every quote as soon as possible. Not only would you be improving your chances of getting the job, you would also be helping this community to stay number one in quick responses.
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Even though I am honored to be mentioned as Top Pro, I don't know how I became Top Pro again, as the leads have been far and few between. Perhaps it was that many of my bookings came earlier in the year and the reviews were after the events that I DJ'd in November and December?

DJ Stevie 2-14-2020

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Sounds great Tom I am a fellow pro and I do decluttering, move-in’s and moveouts and I m also working up in your area so it’s good to know that you’re up there and who knows maybe I can make you a referral!
Madison Kane 4153518777
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Hello my name is Todd with rp enterprises concrete, and I am a new July 2020 top pro.  Looking forward to meeting and chatting with all of the top pros in the future. 

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Hi, Laela from DC with Laela’s Calligraphy
Congratulations to all Top Pros for January 2020! Each wedding is special in my book and I strive to be very responsive. It is one of my better qualities. Send me a note on Instagram @laelascalligraphy #weddingcalligraphy