Congratulations to our July 2019 class of Top Pros!

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It’s that time of the year again! We are so excited to announce our newest class of Top Pros: the Top Pro class of July 2019!

Top Pros are among the most popular and highly rated pros on Thumbtack. Being named a Top Pro is a huge accomplishment. Less than 4% of all pros on Thumbtack currently qualify - quite an exclusive group!

If you've just been named a Top Pro, please introduce yourself! Reply to this thread with the name of your business and where you're based. 

We’d also love to hear your #1 tip for becoming a Top Pro, so that other pros can learn from your success. You can include your tip in your introductory post below, or consider uploading a video of yourself just like this one.

Congratulations again! We’re so proud of your hard work. And we hope you are, too.toppro_widget_2.png



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Congratulations to all the other Top Pro’s in July- hard work is it’s own reward but thumbtack makes it a little sweeter-from Holly Musselman Law In Maryland, we specialize in Will’s, Estate’s, Trusts and Bankruptcy.
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SGC Property Maintenance
Acushnet, Ma
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It’s nice to be a Top Pro once again. July 9th 2019 marks our 1 year anniversary on Thumbtack. We are also happy to announce we have blown past the 150,000 dollar mark in sales and service on Thumbtack. We are rapidly closing in on 200K. This started out as a way to drum up business between installations and has turned into its own department. I have one word of advice: Reply as quickly as you can. Always try to be the first. It makes a huge difference. Thanks Thumbtack. 

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7th Heaven Furniture & Carpet Cleaning.
My name is Steve~ pleased to meechy'all. Based in Long Island on the Queens/Nassau County Border.
#1 Tip - No matter what you do, IF you want to 'Do Well' within it. You must be personlly invested. Whether that takes the basic form of 'Pride in Your Work'. Or if you also manifest some form of Hard-Driving Ambition... in combination with good people-skills, including your basic marketing and sales.
....It is difficult or IMPOSSIBLE to fake "care" for your product or service, and customers.... Nearly impossible to face customer after customer, bring your "A-game", and fake it.
You must be REAL.
For yours and your customers sake.
You CAN'T. Fake it ....unless you TRULY "have it" within you.
You can't FAKE, what you don't have. (Not for the long Long-haul)
Not when you are exhausted.
And you are at the end of a long, hard 12 or 18 hour day (ending at 1AM)...
....And you STILL don't cut corners.
Even tho' you are dead on your feet.
And still CARE about your work.
In my own case? My hardest "transitional skill" was probably when I became my own sales and marketing team.
By education and temperament I am a technical & engineering type. (With broad experience from; climbing poles, electrical construction, being a technician on Brookhaven National Labs particle accelerators, building & testing spread spectrum radio-LAN barcode scanners, or being a "Crisis Manager" of a Co-Lo-Data Center (of global scope)....
I was nnnnnNever- A Salesman.
....I "Hate" salesmen.
And NOW?
Now that I have a "Cleaning Service" .....I giggle a little at the fact that I am a "High Class Janitor"- and when I hear myself "selling it"? I am amazed at what I have learned and evolved into.
10 years ago...
If you had told me my future?
I'd have called you crazy.
And I'd say "that's not possible".
But THIS business?
Is hopefully a means to an "End".
.....And a New Beginning.
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Congrats to you all, this is my second time making Pro and giving my clients the best experience in training has been everything. Trainers are a dime a dozen so find what makes people LOVE YOU and they will stick with you and bring you plenty more! Good luck everyone..Winston Salem NC
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I’m makeup artist and I’m based in Hagerstown,MD
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Congratulations you guys !!!!!!!
I am In Arizona and have had great luck with the Thumbtack app, if you are scared to try it just take the leap will never know until you try
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Dr.keys piano tuning Services
Boston Ma. Providence R.I.
Jeff Scudere
Top Pro class 2019
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Nuts Plus Assembly and Setup
Jacksonville, FL

Respond to requests quickly, be on time for appointments, and make the client happy.
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Congratulations to all who made it. I hope everyone continue to be prosperous. Thanks from Nelson’s Lawn and Power Washing Service Down here in Gainesville Florida.
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Thank you Thumbtack for the honor. We are First Rate Home Improvement, we are located in Milwaukee, WI.
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Woohoo! So excited to finally be recognized as a top pro at Thumbtack. I've had lots more success with booking private yoga lessons in San Francisco likely because there is more demand for yoga here than there was in Denver. Check out my website for more information about me or follow along my journey @denelleyoga on Instagram!


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Thank you! Versatile Action Fitness based out of Memphis,TN.
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Thank you.

Here Elite Movers from Sterling va
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Congratulations! Celebrating right there with you -- you're right, we HAVE earned it. 😄

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It takes a lot of work to keep up with all the leads Thumbtack finds me but I love the work! I tutor students and specialize in test prep, like the SAT,  and  writing. 

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Congratulations to all Top Pros! We’ve set the standard for ourselves and our company for this year, now we have to finish off stronger!!! 

2 C.O.O.L Enterprises located in Suffolk, Va.






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Thank you so much for the recognition. My name is DJ BOMBOS, with Dj Bombos Entertainment based in Cincinnati - Ohio.
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So excited and proud to be a Top Pro! My name is Kaleigh Glanton and I am a musician based out of Colorado Springs, CO.
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Thanks it feels great to be honored
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I'm humbled and thankful. I really take my business serious and this means a lot to me. Thank you again!
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Congratulations everyone..... best Wishes to everyone's BUSINESS!
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Thank you and much success to you too
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THAT is a cool skill you've got !
Kinda RARE I'd imagine.
(I recently started singing practice) -and am eyeing string instruments like ...a CBG... I wanna do a little Folk-Rock. Before buying one, I've been asking myself- 'HOW do I tune the thing?' .... I am NOT musically oriented-- but hope to Learn 🙂
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We are a School of Performing Arts, Chicago, IL and Thumbtack has really helped me increase our adult students.

Thank you Thumbtack!


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GO Wisconsin!
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Matthew Thuney, Weddings with Spirit & Wit, northwest Washington State.

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We Are The Garden Path company a floral design and event planning company that works all over the mountain areas of the western United States our event-planning planning company is called event Whisperers. We design wedding and corporate events from 50 to 700 people and provide everything from music to catering fireworks anything that our clients ask for and we love Thumbtack we have met some of our best clients through them!
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Cool name~

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Merkerson’s Home Solutions
Atlanta, GA
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Hi, thank you so much this app is truly amazing. I’ve met so many beautiful brides and clients I’m very grateful to be apart of this. It’s great at getting you in front of potential clients and show case my talent. I kept contacting clients sending my quotes asking for reviews and all of it has paid off. Thank you again
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I'm trying to LEARN to sing
(I'd LIKE to do some Rock / Folk-Rock).
I am on the Older-side of YOUNG! LoL .... but I'm hopin' The Old Dog- can learn some trix.
Trying to pick a CBG now too....
- I am SO totally not-musical!-
But..... You never know!!!
Might surprise myself.
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congrats to all, this is a fun,rewarding life, all my best to all

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Being polite and understanding what the customer wants.
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There is NO Other way to be....
As long as You are successful,
As long as You are SATISFIED.
--In MY business?
I am my own biggest critic.
Usually??? If I am "satisfied"...
My customer is Happy.
...then I am ~Happy~
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Excalibur. I appreciate the recognition and the continued support. Also, appreciate taking in our feedback and making changes to help us grow our businesses.
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Congrats to all who made it! It’s not easy to earn this award, but we do it because we stay committed and love what we do. James with Restora-Rug Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning NYC here.
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Great to be in good company again 😄

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Hi everyone! I'm celebrating my first Top Pro award. I'm a private yoga instructor based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

While I had a Thumbtack account for longer, I only started actively using it in October 2019.  Since then it has been my primary source of generating leads and from there, consistent clients! 


  • PROFILE: Your profile is like an interview; put your best foot forward. Be clear and concise with your wording so that it is descriptive & informative, yet not overwhelming or too wordy.  Quality pictures of you, and your work.  Request detailed and genuine reviews from your clients - don't be bashful. 
  • COMMUNICATION: Be responsive, don't leave them hanging.  Of course prioritize your own wellbeing, but be sure to stay on top of your notifications.  We can now save templates for quick & easy messaging; set up a few generic + easily editable ones so that you can respond quickly and intentionally, but without reinventing the wheel each time.  Know that people communicate differently so offer phone call + email + maybe even text if you're comfortable with that.
  • JOBS: Check the jobs tab frequently; often I will see that there are people out there in limbo - they've sent a request to perhaps just 1 pro (or maybe a few) and that NO ONE has responded to them yet. This is your opportunity to connect, cue music "jump on it!"
  • FOLLOW UP: I can't stress this enough. Follow - up - with - your - leads.  People get busy, distracted, and depending on what service your providing - people often are reluctant or afraid to take action when it comes to investing in themselves, so do them and yourself a favor and follow up.  (again, utilize the templates)
  • SCHEDULING: Make scheudling as simple as possible; no one wants to go back and forth a lot.  In your first message to them begin to establish your scheudling process - maybe you link them to your scheduling platform, or throw out a few sugguested times based on their availability.  Create a process that works for you, and implement.
    PROTECT YO SELF: I've read from other pros and experienced it myself - no shows or cancellations.  Protect yourself from this again, by having a process.  You may decide to keep a card on file so you can charge a late/cancellation fee, or maybe you require payment upfront.  Either way, establish a process so that you protect your time, money, and wellbeing.

Congratulations to everyone who has been awarded top pro! Pat yourself on the back, take time to celebrate, share your victory with others, and keep on keeping on!


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Thank YOU MarcoooooooooooooooooooooOH!
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My name is Jo-Ann and I own AugustPOPS, Professional Organizing and Planning Services.
I am a Home and Business Organizer. I’ve also branched out to handling Research and Administrative and Business Management Projects.
Keys to my Success:
- Taking the time to have a GREAT profile (I am lucky to have worked at CNN and graduated from NYU - helps to build credibility)
- Responding to potential clients IMMEDIATELY (even 3am)
- Reaching out to all appropriate requests that show up on my feed with a very positive response. I use the same response for all. It works.
- Requesting reviews.
- I NEVER “sell” myself when I speak to a potential client.
-I always try to pay my good fortune forward

What I could work on:
- I need to finish my website (I am grateful that I’ve been too busy)
- Put more pictures on my Thumbtack

I am very grateful for Thumbtack as a platform for my business. I get 100% of my work from here. And,I have had consistent full-time work since October.

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....Hm.... I might just go buy me a box of "Devils Food" double-chocolate donuts & a pint of milk and eat the WHOLE box!
er~ maybe HALF the box...
But I think this calls for chocolate!
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Congratulations to all that earned top pro. I’m privileged to be amongst the top again. Keep up the great work everyone.
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Me Too!
...........What YOU said.
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Thank YOU Drew!
You guys are doing some good work at T.T.

Glad I found you.
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Lizie Rey Makeup & Hair - New York Based!
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Hi. Rooks Royal Cleaning Service. We are based out of Atlanta. Congratulations everyone on being Top Pro
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Congratulations everyone! It’s an honor to serve along each and everyone of you....