Congratulations to our July 2019 class of Top Pros!

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It’s that time of the year again! We are so excited to announce our newest class of Top Pros: the Top Pro class of July 2019!

Top Pros are among the most popular and highly rated pros on Thumbtack. Being named a Top Pro is a huge accomplishment. Less than 4% of all pros on Thumbtack currently qualify - quite an exclusive group!

If you've just been named a Top Pro, please introduce yourself! Reply to this thread with the name of your business and where you're based. 

We’d also love to hear your #1 tip for becoming a Top Pro, so that other pros can learn from your success. You can include your tip in your introductory post below, or consider uploading a video of yourself just like this one.

Congratulations again! We’re so proud of your hard work. And we hope you are, too.toppro_widget_2.png



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We'd not be a "Pro" if our communications skills were poor. We often get "ghosted". Many of our customers (I am in Queens & Nassau County) have a poor grasp of English. Our customers DO NOT have our communications skill (I take notes while talking)...
Often? ....THEY.... do not,
(And we KNOW they're not note-taking). They "ghost" us, sometimes we talk to them and they ABSOLUTELY --LLLLLOVE -- US.....!
Then? ...they just call the 'wrong' guy- without even meaning to. They often overwhelm themselves with their contractor calls, and lose track.
I --KNOW-- I have been on a couple jobs, got paid, they were satisfied
.......but I wasn't "The Guy" they meant to hire -
(And my name ain't Jimmy)
...nor did I wish to correct the customer, or say "too much".
-Customers "play" svc-providers
-Often do NOT keep facts straight
-Can and DO even just Lie.
-GOOD Contractors are often facing a customer who is being "played" by a schyster/contractor, who will say ANYTHING to gain a customer, thereby nulliffying some of the "Good Info/Advisement" given by a genuinely caring svc-provider.
3 days ago----
I had an older lady on the line (from thumbtack) she was GENUINELY "Loving Me"... I used to live directly near her, and I was sharing "Fond Memories" of that town...
- SHE - LIKED - ME - I - HAD - HER - "SOLD!"----
During our conversation she asked about coming to her house "early at 10am"....
I had EMPHATICALLY determined with her (-FULL- and -HAPPY-!-) understanding, that I was booked SOLID all week, and could do NO mornings with her! ...I even repeated it- she understood, and was HAPPY to accept me arriving for a later afternoon svc-call the next day.
--I took notes
--SHE? ... Did not
- Later, during the evening she called and called me...
She then TEXTED me at 9pm.
-She was trying to "verify" that I was "definitely" coming to HER house at 10AM the next day!!!
.......sighing... I called her back & was gentle and polite with her.
"No, miss Sandra, we explicitly discussed this, and we both agree'd that I ......-COULD-...... come to your house later tomorrow afternoon."
...I reminded her that I was booked solid for mornings, until next week.
--I could then see she WAS, absolutely, taking a sudden "attitude" with me.
"Well, ... you're obviously TOO BUSY, to come at 10...."
She had --"Forgotten"-- our entire conversation!
- I had already "SOLD" her!
(but she spent the day TALKING to other svc-providers, obviously!)
She THOUGHT that I had comitted to a 10am visit.... (when I had strenuously and clearly, emphasized {AND she was 'content'} .... But I had been CLEAR, there was NOooo WAYyyy I could make 10AM)..... And the Lady and I had had a significant AND friendly conversation. And I had ASSURED HER a late afternoon was do-able!
(not me!)
SHE...... had continued onward, after "-our-" conversation, communicating with other vendors.
God only knows what "They" sold her.
---- MY pricing is quite low (very Very competitive) for this region.
If I read her emotions correctly, she ABSOLUTELY wanted "Me"... bc my social skills were excellent AND my price-svc is almost unbeatable.
I - WAS - CLEARLY - THE - BEST! she "wanted"... "Me"
- BUT -
After talking to a bunch of "other guys", she CONFUSED HERSELF...
And subsequently "ruined" the deal I had made with her, where I'd swing by her place the next day later in the afternoon.
--As soon as I heard the "attitude", and as soon as she said "well OBVIOUSLY you're Too Busy for me... I'll just keep SHOPPING AROUND~~~~"
---Right THERE!
---THATS it! Right There!
---She even SAID it- "shopping"
SHE...... was "shopping"!!!
Even tho I, me! (NOT some "other guy"..... Me! She "wanted"!)
I had given HER- "the best deal".
But ...SHE... "ruined" that "deal" all by herself.
~AND~ she 'ghosted' me too!
I ....paid.... For a good lead.
I ....did a nearly.... Perfect "sell"
......And the --customer-- ruined it.
In her own head.
All by herself.
She misguided herself, mis-remembered.... And "ghosted".
She was "All-in",
-with a Great Contractor.
Then she was just a GHOST (to me).
I do not in ANY way blame Thumbtack for this.
I am merely providing the feedback of just HOW PRECARIOUSLY customer relations may be 'balanced' sometimes.
-And how a "premier" contractor, can find himself, verbally judo-flipped, by a customer.
-into SUDDENLY being...
...The "Bad" Contractor!
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Hello, my name is Vera and I am a piano and voice teacher based in Phoenix, Arizona, and I teach from my home piano and voice studio, which is called Vera's Piano and Voice Studio! I'm very excited to have made to a top pro and I am very thankful that Thumbtack has provided me with business opportunities and so far I have got over 15 students just in 6 months! Promoting myself on Thumbtack was the biggest thing and it has helped me with my business immensely! I would say that the secret to my success was responding promptly to my customers, and then offering an affordable rate and quality instruction! Again, thanks to Thumbtack, my business has been going well and I am looking forward to working with the company!
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Thank you so much ! Made my day ! I am Kalai and I run Krushot Photography in the Fort Lauderdale area. My tip is to reply quickly and follow up without being pushy.

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Congratulations to ALL of you awesome entrepreneurs! You guys put in the time, work and effort to get to where you are and you understand what it takes to get here. I'm just happy and proud to be a part of a successful group with you all!! 

Please reach out and say hi if you like!!

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As frustrating as the system can be for me and my clients, I still get a thrill seeing that I've made Top Pro status in the Hypnotherapy services arena again. For me, it's all about helping people feel confident  in the choices that they're making for themselves and finding it within themselves to achieve their goals  that has made it all worthwhile. I celebrate each victory with them and relish each one of the reviews I've received and use each one as a learning opportunity.

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Working towards my ICF certification. I'm coming for you Chris. Watch out!

@Love wrote:


Thanks for all the love. 
My name is Chris Loveland and I run a professional coaching business, a media marketing/social media consulting business and I am a performer on the side. Busy/awesome life bringing value to as many people as I can.

I would love to get to know each of you in the Top Pro Community or anyone who wants to network as well! Send me an email –

 I love fellow humans helping humans. Sending love and good vibes to you and your business. Talk soon! 😊


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Agree'd Bruthah
Brute - Force - Competence
Combined with "Loving" your work & customers... Is hard for weaker competitors to beat!
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Congratulations to everyone that made it here! 

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Thank you Thumbtack for providing such an awesome platform to market my photography business in the Philadelphia area. So far so great! Congratulations to all the 2019 Top Pros, great job!
Michael Troisi Photography
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Thank You!
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Yay!!! Congratulations to all of you and I am so happy to be here! My name is Kim Kosteck. I am a Professional Organizer and Life Coach living in the Houston area. Essentially, I help my clients become a better version on their selves so they can live fuller and happier lives by getting “unstuck”.
I think it’s great they ask for a tip, because when I here Top Pro, I think of an individual that makes their clients a priority and understands the need for outstanding customer service. My #1 tip would be to put yourself in your clients shoes and think of the place in their life they are before they contacted you to improve it in some way and treat them no less that what you would wish to be treated. I wish you all the best on your endeavors and if you ever feel overwhelmed or wish you could get unstuck. I am available for a free coaching call to all Top Pro members! You can reach me at or 346-708-2413!
Keep raising the bar!
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Hi, We are Paint Lab Painting and we do interior and exterior home painting in NY.  Congratulations everyone who made it. 

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Thank you and congratulations to our fellow 2019 Top Pros!!

#1 Tip - Narrow down your leads to those that are a good fit for both your business and the customer (and submit quotes often).

Much success to you all!

Brandi - Chic Desires LLC, Hairstyling & Makeup Artistry, Orlando, FL
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Hi! I'm Brittany and I am the Founder of Valor Massage, LLC! I'm incredibly happy to see hard work paying off!
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Congratulations everyone. Quite the elite euntrepenurial group. I am honored. Gabriel with mmb construction, Ca based construction company.
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Hello Everyone,

l am a Bilingual English/Spanish wedding officiant/ notary in Central Florida, Premier Weddings by Esther. 

i enjoy working with my couples. I meet very interesting people and have established friendship with many. 

Thank you Thumbtack


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Hello my name is Paulo Rodriguez and I am the owner of JPR Painting and Remodeling, we are located in Wylie Texas, thank you Thumbtack  for this especial recognition of our work, I hope we can receive many more during this year and the next ones.


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Thank you for the Too Pro Designation! I work hard to give my customers a great product and Great Service! My name is Bruce Siler, I am the Owner of Helping You Handy LLC, a Handyman Service Company! If you need something contact me at(805) 471-0029 or, my email is: Thanks again for the Badge, I’m still very new at this and don’t have it all figured out yet but I will still try to learn as I go and I’m happy to be part of the Elite Group Of You who have won the Distinction!

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Nice job 2019 TOP PROS!! Want to celebrate your accomplishment? Bar on the Vine is a full-service licensed beverage catering company "Raising the Bar" in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Cheers!!
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I'm honored to be part of the class of Top Pros! My name is Shannon Ensign-Spillios, and I am a Wedding Officiant; as of June, I'm also a Reverend! My business is I Will Marry You, and I specialize in making a couple's ceremony uniquely theirs. I'm based in Canton, OH and serve Stark, Summit and Portage counties.

My #1 tip is to really listen to who your customers are and what they want from your product or service. If you can't provide them what they desire, be honest! Communication is key to having a successful working relationship.

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Yayyy, thank you!

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Night and Day Specialties
Handyman services from Sheridan Oregon, 2 in a row!! Yahoo!!
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Right back at you. Thank you very much and appreciate the status of Top Pro again. I have been on thumbtack for a little over 2 years now and it helped me with my business growth and new clients. Wishing everyone to keep up great work on being top pros in this great community. 

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Thanks... There are no EZ way to top pro status. However l believe customer service maybe the key.
I sometimes think after a job comes in that it may be a EZ one.
Then it turns out the opposite.
After l do the home work and prepare its still never as EZ as you tell youself it may be. Be Prepared is probably 2nd most advice l can speak of. Last night's plans may not be next days approach.
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Great job everyone on reaching this status. I'm looking forward to connecting with y'all. 

I run my massage therapy studio in Boise, ID and am preparing to launch a business coaching practice to assist entrepreneurs worldwide.

You can connect with me at if you'd like to collaborate.


Eric Deegear

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Thank you for this. It’s so cool. My #1
Tip ??? Love what you do! When you love you strive to do better! Get better!
Love listen learn
Thanks you
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I was so nervous I forget the name of my business kfine Music inc. I’m kitty Mayo singer songwriter arranger vocal producer
And vocal tutor. And where aim from. I’m from Ardentown in Wilmington Delaware
Before that Abington Pa
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Chayla Ashley 
Ashley's Custom Cleaning & Removal.
Biringham Alabama.
I chose a line this line of work simply for these reasons. I am great at what i do. I enjoy every aspect of this line of work, and nothing feels better then to have a customer become even more pleased with the job well done then they expected!
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First let me say my first response was Thank you, I would like to Say This: Thank You For the Reward of being Named a “Top Pro” here on Thumbtack, an honor I don’t take lightly! I have gone through many Medical Operations(9) in the last 5yrs. my last 3, being last year alone! In Feb. Left hand Tendon releases to all fingers and a synovial leak repaired! Second a Back fusion in June! Third being a Neck Fusion surgery in December! I was diagnosed with “Post Operative Cognitive Disorder” which left me with Extreme Memory issues for six months, I am still dealing with that! The others were a shoulder, Achilles Tendon Replaced, and getting a Septic infection from one of my foot surgeries, which I am Blessed to have lived through! After all the recovery time I have spent in the last 5yrs in front of a TV, I am NOT ONE TO ENJOY much wasted time in front of a TV, finally I said enough is enough and Registered Helping You Handy as an LLC, got on Thumbtack again(first was in 2014), and thought I’d get a couple jobs to start off with and “ease” into working again! Ha, Ha, Ha, was I ever Wrong in My first Plan of Attack! The first day I began to take leads, I had 3 scheduled right off! It is now approximately 3 months past, since my first Client, I have some repeat customers, my projects have grown, my work load has caused me to be Working almost everyday, just to be able to Help those That Really Need our Services, and I Decline, way to many Jobs, but I have learned that I am not “Superman”, and I have to pace myself especially in the Summertime with temperatures in the Triple Digit Range here in Arizona! I have a good friend that I work with regularly, Fred Thorn, we have both been Building Homes Most of our Adult Life and beyond! So for him this reward is also Important, We Both would like to Say Thank You to Thumbtack, and we look forward to Servicing our Clients Happily, with each Home we leave our mark on, and with Every Client We Work For, We will always Give Our Best to Give Them, The Best We Have, So they can Enjoy Their Homes, Like We Enjoyed Helping Them!
“A Days Work, For A Days Pay, In A Journeyman Like Manner” is our Motto! We Hope Everyone That Has Won This Reward of “Top Pro Of 2019”, continues their Journey like we will, Never Forgetting What, Who, and Why we were Rewarded this Honor!!! Keep up Your Dedication to the Customer, We will do Just That, We Promise, because they are the ones that Ultimately Made This All Possible! Off to Work I Go, Have a Great Day!
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Cheers to fellow Top Pro's and TT!  It is truly my pleasure to be a guide and path maker in the big changes people seek in life through marriage, lifestyle changes and health augmentation.

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Everlasting Journeys Mobile Wedding Officiant
Delightful Makeup
Active Community Member
Bubba’s Junk Removal
We are located outside of Houston Tx in a town called Pearland.
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Thank you from MJW Photography. Thumbtack has helped me grow my business so much! Congratulations to other Pros as well.
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Thank you
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Guardian PC
Houston TX.
Community Newcomer
Primetime Painting LLC
Georgetown, Texas
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Carrie's House Cleaning just received a Outstanding Plug of being 2019 Top Pro.. What an honor..
What I do is to comply and go beyond what the Client wants.. If there's something small that they left out of their description of work I don't mind doing it... I love seeing my Clients happy and satisfied.
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Leslie the Tarot Chic
New Orléans, Louisiana
Top Tip... Respond Quickly
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The Andrew’s Cleaning Company based out of Greenville, Texas
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Thank you!! My name is Rosa Rivera I live and work in Miami. I have been a bartender over 20 years and with this knowledge I bring to my clients. Thank You Rosa
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Thank you and Congratulations to all Top Pros July 2019, My name is Robert M Owner and operator of UNIQUE PRO Cleaning Services
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Law Office of David S. Rubalcava, APC. 

Southern California - Estate Planning

Community Regular

I Do (Marriages).  San Francisco Bay Area.

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Shane Kosmicki

Ft Lauderdale, FL
Community Newcomer
Alpha Appraisers LLC
Gaithersburg MD

Tip on becoming a top pro: Always put the client first, while staying accurate on your property valuation and keeping your fees competitive in the local market.
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Im a partime Handyman in the Aurora Colorado 80015 and surrounding neighborhoods including Denver. This is my 3rd year in a row as a top pro which is great since this is only my 3rd year with Thumbtack.
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David Shelby...Shelby Pressure Wash. I service Memphis and the neighboring suburbs.
Community Regular
Attention to Tension Massage Therapy. Based in Burleson, Texas but also provide outcall services to the entire DFW area.
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Mastermind Electric, LLC
Avondale, AZ
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Yes! I agree, I've spent far beyond what I've made on here. In fact I've stopped accepting leads 9 out of 10. Its frustrating especially when you're trying to pull a business off the ground! Many potential clients dont respond, or hire anyone from the site. They have no idea that we pay for even a message to say "hey you spelled comprehension wrong"!! Yea that happened! Anyway Congratulations to you and all of the rest of us who have made this list!