Dinner in San Diego last week!

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Last week we had the privilege of meeting several of our women entrepreneurs in San Diego, in celebration of Women's History Month. I realize I say this a lot, but it's TRUE - we have so many inspiring pros. 

One of our Thumbtack team members who was at the dinner told me, "Attending the San Diego Women’s Dinner was definitely a highlight of my year so far. I spent the evening with a hypnotherapist, a personal yoga instructor, and an IT consultant. Each one of them had a different story to tell, but the themes were similar. Dreams, perseverance, and leaning into their uniqueness. Knowing they used Thumbtack to become stronger more successful versions of themselves was incredibly fulfilling.” 

I couldn't have said it better myself. These moments bring into perspective all of the work that we do, and why we do it.

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A huge thank you to @LVphotog for helping us put this together and for making this such a special night!

To all of the women who were there - THANK YOU for sharing your stories!