Here’s what I’m thankful for.

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This feels like an understatement, but 2018 has been a crazy year. I’m so grateful that you’ve stuck with us through it all. We’ve made a lot of changes with the goal of getting you more and more happy customers, but the process to get there has been rough.

There are some parts of Thumbtack that I think we can all be thankful for:

  • The biggest product changes are over. The updates we made this year felt like making a 90º turn while driving 80 miles an hour. Everyone felt the whiplash and a lot of people are still rubbing their necks. The good news is that the road ahead looks a lot less intense. It’s never going to be a straight line — our business needs to keep evolving and changing to stay alive — but the turns are going to be a lot more manageable.
  • The new customer experience. About 80% of the customers who came to the old Thumbtack never actually talked to a pro. They’d put in a request and wait and wait and sometimes they’d get quotes and sometimes they wouldn’t. Now when they come to Thumbtack they get the experience they expect from the internet: they see their options, they do their comparison shopping up-front, then they contact a pro. That means a whole lot less tire-kicking and a lot more leads.
  • Tackling the price of a lead. Figuring out how much a lead should cost is a never-ending process that’s hard to get right. However, we recognize that in a lot of cases we’ve been setting prices too high. So in the last month we’ve been adjusting our prices to make sure your ROI makes more sense, small jobs are less expensive than big jobs, and using Thumbtack works for your bottom-line. It may never be perfect for everyone, but we’ll never stop tweaking and adjusting and trying to make it more fair.
  • New ways to stand out. In the new customer experience, your profile is the way you stand out from the competition. But you told us you couldn’t properly showcase your work. So we added past projects. And links to your social accounts. Plus a section for all the Top Pro badges you’ve earned over the years. Now you can show customers exactly what you can do, and how well you do it.  

We’ve made a lot of progress. And so much came from the feedback you gave us in person, in Q&As, and in the many forums here in the Community. Keep it coming. It’s how we’ll build a better Thumbtack.

Thanks for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving,


CEO & Co-Founder, Thumbtack


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Hello Marco,

I don't know if you are ever reading this but I will write it anyway.

One of the reasons I was trying Thumbtack was a youtube video where I saw you talking about developing Thumbtack platform.

The idea that Thumbtack was a hybrid of and Angies list seemed genial. I was disappointed in Home Advisor, Angies list, they all seemed to care just for making money out of hardworking professionals. I bet there is a lot of pressure from the investors on Thumbtack to make money. My concers is that there is a chance that Thumbtack is going to be a new Home Advisor, concentrating in just making money out of professionals and not caring about their success. I hope this is not gonna happen and we all can benefit-Thumbtack, Professionals and Customers.

Thank you for the great work you are doing, 






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Community Manager

@3Vanessavr5 Go to my profile here and select direct message.

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There are so many of us pros that have seen a loss in customers. Nearly each response on all the forums is negative. I don't quite understand how the "hard" part is over. Lot's of undefined "handyman" requests, far to expensive fees for bidding on an 85 dollar job (8.66) and generally most of us a weathering the storm. In stark reality to some of the new changes, TT should really be paying us pros money to respond to requests that have 3 pros already contacted. I mean really? What do you expect us to do- pay 8.66 to respond to a customer that has already responded to 3-5 pros? TT made to many changes to quick. Over-internet-engineering. Try one change for 6 months instead. Lee

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One Million Kudos Lee!

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Will you take the time to answer us, please?
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Sorry double posted...
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Can you please take the time to reply as to how you believe 2019 has been going so far as compared to your Thanksgiving wish back in November?


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