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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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Thumbtack Employee MarcoZ
Thumbtack Employee

Here’s what I’m thankful for.

This feels like an understatement, but 2018 has been a crazy year. I’m so grateful that you’ve stuck with us through it all. We’ve made a lot of changes with the goal of getting you more and more happy customers, but the process to get there has been rough.

There are some parts of Thumbtack that I think we can all be thankful for:

  • The biggest product changes are over. The updates we made this year felt like making a 90º turn while driving 80 miles an hour. Everyone felt the whiplash and a lot of people are still rubbing their necks. The good news is that the road ahead looks a lot less intense. It’s never going to be a straight line — our business needs to keep evolving and changing to stay alive — but the turns are going to be a lot more manageable.
  • The new customer experience. About 80% of the customers who came to the old Thumbtack never actually talked to a pro. They’d put in a request and wait and wait and sometimes they’d get quotes and sometimes they wouldn’t. Now when they come to Thumbtack they get the experience they expect from the internet: they see their options, they do their comparison shopping up-front, then they contact a pro. That means a whole lot less tire-kicking and a lot more leads.
  • Tackling the price of a lead. Figuring out how much a lead should cost is a never-ending process that’s hard to get right. However, we recognize that in a lot of cases we’ve been setting prices too high. So in the last month we’ve been adjusting our prices to make sure your ROI makes more sense, small jobs are less expensive than big jobs, and using Thumbtack works for your bottom-line. It may never be perfect for everyone, but we’ll never stop tweaking and adjusting and trying to make it more fair.
  • New ways to stand out. In the new customer experience, your profile is the way you stand out from the competition. But you told us you couldn’t properly showcase your work. So we added past projects. And links to your social accounts. Plus a section for all the Top Pro badges you’ve earned over the years. Now you can show customers exactly what you can do, and how well you do it.  

We’ve made a lot of progress. And so much came from the feedback you gave us in person, in Q&As, and in the many forums here in the Community. Keep it coming. It’s how we’ll build a better Thumbtack.

Thanks for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving,


CEO & Co-Founder, Thumbtack


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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

From my perspective, it seems that the changes will increase profits a lot - for Thumbtack. For me, not so much.

If I’m not one of the first to bid, I don’t bother. I’ll see a request that’s less than a half hour old and the client has already contacted 5 photographers. At best, that’s 4 photographers who will never see a dime from the project, but still get to pay Thumbtack for the privilege of not working.

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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

And good luck seeing that bid if you don't have auto-quote turned on. I got burned by so many quick-reply messages costing hundreds that I just can't take the chance. Even if things are improved and they are fixing that issue, the auto-quote forces me to provide pricing for 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc for wedding photography and my minimum booking is much more than that. So what am I to do, just put my six hour booking price under every smaller booking? This would be ok if I could include a custom message explaining the minimum booking, but the auto-quotes are completely generic and they'll only see that I want thousands for their request for two hours or what have you. I just don't see how to make it work. 

Instant quote would be 1000x better if we could just set up template replies instead of them only seeing a dollar amount.

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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

I'm seeing fewer customers since the change. Not hard to understand why:

Marketers assume that the more choices they offer, the more likely customers will be able to find just the right thing. They assume, for instance, that offering 50 styles of jeans instead of two increases the chances that shoppers will find a pair they really like. Nevertheless, research now shows that there can be too much choice; when there is, consumers are less likely to buy anything at all, and if they do buy, they are less satisfied with their selection.  Harvard Business Review

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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

I thought I was the only one experiencing less customers after the change. But now that ive heard it from you I see I'm not alone. I am thankful for Thumbtack service and not being like Home Advisor
Moderator Meckell

Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

Thanks for posting your feedback @p19581! We had a similar conversation like this in another thread, go here to check out our response. If you have any further questions or concerns about this, I'm happy to have a conversation with you! Send me a private message at any time and we can chat. 

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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

I don't see a previous discussion between you and I at the link you posted.

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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.

All the friends I have made in the 1200+ Professional Inspections provided over 16 years.
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Re: Here’s what I’m thankful for.


I am thankful for God, my family, my friends, prior and new customers and for a very successful DJ Business. But what I'm not thankful is this new Promote. I've voiced my opinions, thoughts, concerns and even gave my suggestions how to improve it to many reps via this Forum, Private Message, Email and via Phone.  One suggestion that I keep voicing over and over again, If a customer reaches out even with a generic reply, Pros shouldn't be charged until after we decide to see quote/customer profile and then charge us if we decide to reply to a customer.  After all, we know our business better than anyone.

As @gradyr1953 said, if I'm not the first one to bid, then I'm not bidding at all. If I leave Promote on, I don't see the cost of the leads, customer profile. I need to see both before making a decision to reply to even a generic reply.


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Re: Here’s what I think need to change.

More information about the job required from the customer and weather a pro is hired or not because i am paying for a lead that is already done or lack information that makes it essential to contact the client for more information and thus paying for uncertain job or a job undoable 

Thank you