Independence Day

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The day we celebrate our independence as a country is almost here! Along with the fireworks, family reunions, concerts, carnivals, barbecues, picnics, and parades. I imagine these events in all types of cities are a big day for many pros.

Is the 4th of July a busy time for you and your business? Or is it a time that you try to take a break from work and enjoy it like everyone else? Let us know in the comments below and have a Happy 4th of July everybody!  🙂

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When I was a full-time cake baker, the summer was always INSANE for me. I tended to work 6-7 days a week alllll summer long. I know that @ChefPaulStaley , @goodforkcaterer, and @nikkicancook probably feel this too.

For days like the 4th of July or the 24th of July (a local Utah holiday) - I would make sure I got to work early, like maybe 3:00am, so that I could still find time to celebrate. And I always blocked off (and I still do) the last week of July to take an epic road trip with my kids! 

I also always make these cookies for the 4th. They are my family's FAVE. 

Strawberry sugar cookies.jpg

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Oh yes! I can totally relate.

These cookies are pretty. Ship me some please! 😂🙏🏾
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@nikkicancook I'm on it! 😉